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    Made a german/english Xsyon-Page!

    Hi, i made a german/english Xsyon-Page! I need ppl. who are checking my german translation.
    - Link "Home"
    - Link "Xsyon - The Game" --> Link "About Xsyon" and "Features" (under construction)


    Hallo, ich habe eine deutsch/englische Xsyon-Seite erstellt! Ich benötige Leute, die die deutschen Texte mal bitte gegenlesen.

    - Link "Home"
    - Link "Xsyon - The Game" --> Link "About Xsyon" und "Features" (unter Bearbeitung)

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    Cool , i think nice idea make wiki but , made buttons to change english/germany

    And curse community print you craft screen and send
    Is link mine
    or Pure ->

    And curse possbile print each part sets i think are good reference

    >) I Ryl wish cool work

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