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Thread: New site is

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    New site is

    New site is great, working very smooth and has a great look to it.

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    New site has also its downsides.

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    no more animated gifs... i miss my crow's already

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    Quote Originally Posted by trenixdecease View Post
    New site has also its downsides.


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    Quote Originally Posted by REVKhA View Post
    no more animated gifs... i miss my crow's already
    fixed, still got some tweaks and over sites to fix here and there.

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    Very snazzy
    Now I need to but my Avatar back and all that hoo-haa

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    Xsyon Citizen Xx1327's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    it is pretty nice. should change the limit on sigs tho cause now mine is too big to use, and i lost my old avatar no idea where to find it again T_T

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    What is the limit you were hitting, characters, file size or dimensions? There's still things to tweak so it's more of a "what do we need?" as opposed to some of the defaults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtus View Post
    Like the hard to read text in the "My Profile" link. Also, the missing similes which was uncalled for and the features that most of us expected but never seemed to make it. Personally, this new forums really didn't change a thing in my opinion. Maybe it's just something that I'm not noticing...

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