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Thread: Hello Xsyon!

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    Hello Xsyon!

    I'm Ganz. A 20 year old gamer from Sweden.
    I'm gonna check around after posting this, but I don't know how many from my country plays this game.

    Here's my online gaming "career", lol:

    "Runescape" as BTRazak & Razak
    "World of Warcraft" as Razak
    "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" as Razak
    "Lord of the Rings Online" as Redboot
    "Age of Conan" as Ganz & Razak
    "Fallen Earth" as Deadeyed Duncan

    Ignoring many many free browser games (like runescape I guess).
    Just posting this in case someone I've played with before comes by. Gimme a shout will ya!

    That's it... I'm done, Thanks for your time.

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    First to say : Welcome and Enjoy , remember this beta

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    welcome aboard man, hope to see you around. have any questions feel free to ask me i'll try and help.
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    Welcome to the game, I'm sure you will find this game fun. And when you go to start looking for a tribe, Keep SHINRA in mind.

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