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    Drop rate on nails

    Drop rate on nails seems to be the same as before, not getting very many at all.

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    Maybe they're designed to be that way?

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    One way to get a lot of nails is have a high scavenging, one of our guys has found 200 in one shot.
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    Why everything need to be the way people want. Why u need allot of nails?

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    Maybe it also has to do with the area that you're at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joexxxz View Post
    Why everything need to be the way people want. Why u need allot of nails?
    sorting for 45 min and getting 4 nails is a bit low- lot's of structures needs lots of nails.

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    It would be helpful if the Toolcrafter could make nails from metal plates or some other object.
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    I think the biggest question should be: "Why are there so many nails in the middle of nowhere?"

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    Trekkan has it right. You should be scavenging for nails (& bolts, screws, rivets etc) not sorting junk for them.

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    At this point, I think we have around 4000 nails... so.. yeah. Scavenging is the way to go for a lot of resources.
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