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    Games to Pass the Time

    I was interested what games other members of this community are playing while waiting for Xsyon. The nature of most games is that they attract a certain crowd. I've seen some fellow RV veterans around here, but what are you all currently playing?

    I'm just now getting back to Darkfall. I've been away from gaming for a while and I really want to try it out. Just started an Ork, ready to plow through the massive skill grind.

    What about the rest of you? EVE? COD:MW2? WoW? Hello Kitty Online?
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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    Modern Warfare 2 (PC) for the most part. it sucks not having dedicated servers though and their network sucks.

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    WoW,A tail in the desert,Guild wars,RV.

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    SWG pre cu
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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    HoN and allods

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo
    Astro Empires
    Dragon Age Origins

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    Battlefield 2142,Alien vs Predator,Modern warfare 2.

    I'm not actually playing these because i'm waiting for Xsyon. I'm actually playing them because i enjoy them.

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    hello kitty online ftw

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    Re:Games to Pass the Time

    Mount and Blade: Warband
    CoD MW2
    Gothic III
    Heroes of Newerth

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