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    Questions for the week of 7/25 through 7/31 2011

    soulless Asks:

    In a previous Q/A, you stated that you wanted to add permissions to tents/buildings and remove permissions from bags, as this is a big change that will effect lots of camps, when do plan on implementing this?
    Permissions for tents / buildings is being worked on now and should be in by the end of next week. We haven't decided when we'll remove permissions from containers and we will solicit feedback before we take this step.

    also, carts were mentioned, how soon can we expect carts (your best guess)?
    thanks for your time...
    Best guess is 2 to 3 weeks. The artwork has been made and the basics for attaching cart objects to players has been set up but we are working on many other small tasks before finishing the code for carts.

    fatboy21007 Asks:

    Latley, in irc and the fourms ive noticed alot of new folks asking for a trial, Where are you with a trial server?, or are you still waiting to make the game better before doing one?
    See answer below.

    the new system you all are trying to do, i was told rare items would be dependant on area instead of zone...this true? (if it is how do plan on use being able to search all areas as their isnt a pop to help search them and personally i dont wanna feel like its a job to go find something) Also how are we to search areas when their full of totems.... i think the leader of the totem if hes inactive beyond 60 days totem should be removed and basic tools placed in his inventory.
    Yes rare items and materials are based on territories (Round Hill, Zehpyr etc.) not zones.

    Regarding totems, we will implement decay (as mentioned in the updates) see answer below.

    Mactavendish Asks:

    Are there any plans for adding something in very soon that will help retain the few players that join? Things that any new player would find immediately entertaining?
    The main things we are going to work on over the next few weeks are improvements to give meaning and balance to the current systems. In addition, I think combat is much improved and mutants will be arriving soon. I hope players will find these things entertaining!

    Question 2: Are you wanting new players to join the game or do you feel the game is not ready yet?
    I like new players to join, but we're not ready for a big influx right now. Our plan is to wrap up what is listed as In Development first. Then we'll be ready for: totem decay, a trial server and an influx of new and returning players.

    On totem decay...

    I like your simple plan, but can you not add to that plan, that when a player cancels their sub that it removes the totem completely IF they are a single man tribe?
    No, we would still have homesteads decay. Many players have left for a month or two and then returned. Removing their totems immediately would drive away a lot of players.

    Also, whatever timer limit you put on totems, Please factor in that some people made a character, dropped a totem to hold a spot, then dropped the character and made another character joined or made another tribe and may even be playing the game as another character.

    So would it not seem reasonable to you to remove ANY totem made by a character that is not in your database as an in use character?

    I would think that having all these totems scattered about, does not make any new player feel welcome, especially after they realize that most are just abandoned ones with no active player there.
    When a player drops a character it removes them from their tribe and if they have a homestead it should remove it also. If this is not happening, please report this directly to Dezgard and we will look into this immediately. If there are any totems without an owner, we will remove them.

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    1. Can we expect a patch this coming wednesday :P?
    Answer irrelevant at this point. There was a patch last week and will be one this week.

    2. I second Mactavendishes question about totem decay too!!
    Answer above. I realize that totem decay is a big issue, but we won't start decay until we're ready to first give all players a week of free time to check out the current state of the game.

    3. The new housing models are 4m x 4m. Take any given Long Log. The Long Log will juust, with a little bit in each end or a larger bit in one end, stick out side the building.
    - The question is this. Will the upcoming weather decay affect the entire long log because of the little bits/larger bit sticking out side of the building.
    No, any object with it's center inside the volume of a 'roof' or 'room' area will be protected from the weather.

    3a. If the weather decay won't affect the log, can we presume that any given material that has more than half of its volume inside of a building not be subjected to weather decay?

    4. Seeing it's spring again can you confirm new tree spawns on the live server?
    Yes, there have definitely been new tree spawns. You should be able to see small trees that have sprouted up.

    5. Will the weather decay also include a slow general decay over time for items?
    The plan is, yes.

    6. How is the animal population doing with the recent changes?
    The bears killed everything and there were thousands of them. This is why we reset the population and are adjusting the aggression code.

    MrDDT Asks:

    Disconnects patch ETA? Its been on the test server for over a week now and still not on live. Right now this is the biggest problem for most people.
    Whats the reasoning in allowing guides to spawn animals? With breeding in game, and animals spawning on their own, shouldnt this option be removed? Its been an issue for a long time now.
    Disconnect patch is live now. Guides should be allowed to spawn creatures for events and to help balance things out while we balance the creature system.

    aliksteel Asks:

    I see you have three items set as a #1 Highest priority from the player suggestions

    1) label contianer

    2) Add clan/tribe names

    3)hiding broke

    I know that the labeling contianers are done, And that the disconnects is at the top of every list right now with the the combat a close 2nd.

    Assuming(yea I know assuming is bad) that you are done with the disconnects this week. How soon will you start on fixing hiding, and adding tribe names and faction color to the game?

    I also see there is only one suggestion "Sand in the rivers" that you have set as #2 on the Priority list. Can you tell me how far down the "to do list" this fit's into?
    Honestly, I am waiting for all of our collected Suggestions to be moved into our new tracking system before I take a solid look at what's on the full list. The Suggestion tracker will include suggestions from emails as well.

    Once it's finalized I will take a good look. The current priorities were set by our Bug Trackers so they don't currently reflect the order we'll work on things, but rather what they think I should take a look at first.

    Regarding the specifics:

    The effect of faction colors is in, but needs to be adjusted to have more effect and that will happen this week.

    Tribe names listed with the player's name will be in next week.

    I'll need to look into the 'sand in rivers' suggestion.

    Hiding will be worked on later, after what's In Development.

    Osirrus Asks:

    which is 1st, totem decay or new lands beyond the mist opening up? how long til the 1st is implemented? then how long til 2nd?
    Should happen at the same time. The plan is to do these both after the current In Development list is done, shooting for early September.

    if disconnects and combat revisons are done what is the next major project you hope to see on the live server? and what timeframe til it goes live?
    Right now the major project is a lot of small tasks to improve the current systems. Then: carts and mutants.

    how are carts coming along? had chance to look at them yet? or you been stuck working on the disconnects all week?
    The artwork is done. The basics attachment system is set up, but it will take another 2-3 weeks as we want to get many other tasks done first.

    and just a random one.. what is the current DX rating of the game? DX9? / DX9 enhanced? DX10? DX11?
    is it a DX11 tessalation effect you use on the brown/gold roads? anyway to make them look better from a distance, because currently a heavily roaded area looks horribly from far away, as the cracked effect is way to big and out of proportion when viewed from a distance.

    after the zone sizes were changed, the high quality view distance was severely shortend. is this the way it will be staying or will you be looking at increasing the view distance again or is this more to do with entites not loading correctly?
    The high quality view distance will stay the same, but this did not affect the distance of loaded entities. We will improve the quality of the distant terrain to compensate for the shortened 'high quality' view distance, when we can.

    most systems that are in game are working ok-ish and just require tweaking now imo. but what i believe the game is really lacking now is some fun things to do as a group/tribe. do you have any short term goals to inject some more fun into the game?
    The improved combat system and giving meaning to what's in the game should make it more fun as will the advent of mutants and revenants.

    dying and respawning back at my totem is not fun. healing my way through a tough spot and surviving is. when will healing be in game?
    going toe to toe with a bear and button mashing the mouse til i have 30% health and the bear is dead is not fun. using archery and real world physics to take down the bear from a far without getting a scratch on me is fun. when will archery be in game?
    working together as a team to accomplish tasks i couldnt do on my own is fun. any plans for group activies other than arch/terra soon?
    Both archery and healing will be in our next round of development after what's currently listed. If you have any good suggestions for group activities (I get the feeling you do) please suggest them!

    stonedogg1 Asks:

    I have a question regarding material bonuses (damage, quality, etc...):

    When using materials that offer a bonus, does the bonus have to apply to the item or the user of the item?

    i.e.: I use iron screws (damage bonus) to craft bone armor. Does my character deal more damage, or should I have used the screws to craft a weapon (damage bonus applied to the weapon, not the person)? Same thing for materials that offer a quality bonus - if I apply the BRASS fasteners to my closths, will I craft better quality items or should i use the brass to craft tools in order to pass on the quality bonus?
    Stat bonuses apply to the wearer of the item. Quality bonuses apply to the item itself (So crafting quality tools makes sense to pass along the quality to crafted items. Wearing quality clothes will not pass along that bonus to crafting or other skills).

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    Questions for the week 8/01 through 8/07

    MrDDT Asks:

    I keep hearing about things people talk about you say in emails to them or talk to them in game about. Is there a list to some of these questions so others can read these answers to questions we all have? It seems almost like some people are getting early information just by emailing you. Should we all be emailing Xsyon all the time to get faster answers to questions?
    Email questions and suggestions get passed along unless they are very specific things I need to deal with. They are not the best way to get answers. Questions that haven't been answered are collected for the FAQ list or I answer them as part of updates. Suggestions get passed along the Bug Trackers to enter into our Suggestion tracker.

    Questions asked in game when I am there are not really tracked unless someone asks something I feel is important. In those cases I take a note and include it as part of my updates.

    Isildor1990 Asks:

    Hey Guys,

    i have a regrown tree near my camp...

    But somehow i can destroy its (old) stump.

    Its kinda like a Tree in a stump, or vice versa...

    Is that a bug, or "normal"?

    This is a left over stump from when we reset the trees (when we introduced the current tree spawning system).

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    1. When are we going to see carts?
    It's in progress, so I hope in 2-3 weeks.

    2. How many will we be able to choose from?
    Four (Forager, Trapper, Pioneer, Scrapper).

    3. If we can choose from multiple carts, do they then differ in their speed, maximum cargo load etc?
    Yes, but the specifics have not yet been decided.

    4. Will it be Woodcrafters that can create them?

    5. The new combat is awesome.. When will we see an awesome ranged system ?
    Thanks. We are going to collect more feedback on the current system and make a few more improvements. If players are satisfied I'll have our combat programmer start on ranged (we'll start with thrown knives for easy testing) in 1-2 weeks.

    Aliksteel Asks:

    1. Can you, or have someone update the "Xsyon In Development" page please, to show what has been done in-game and what is now in progress. Thanks
    Yes, I will do that today.

    2. With all this cart talk, Are you really going to add wheels into the game already? Or will it be more like a sled?
    The carts have wheels.

    3. With as much work that is still ahead of you and the team, Whats the chances of you adding a little *fluff to the game any time soon?

    *Fluff: Means something that is not game changing but is light hearted, soft and easy to do, or a pretty pretty(Think shiny). E.g. Furniture, Statues, Wells, New road looks
    A good chance. Furniture is some 'fluff' that should be in the next round of development.

    4. Any idea how soon or far off lighting will be added into the game? E.g. New looking camp fires, Torches that can be place in the ground / on the wall / or carried by hand, Personal and hanging lanterns
    This could be in the next round as well. The disconnect issues and revising the combat functions on the server (these were completely redone from scratch) were huge time sinks over the past month. With these out of the way we can get a lot of smaller tasks done quickly. I expect a lot to get done by the end of this month.

    fatboy21007 Asks:

    in your development updates you said *revised thirst a hunger* Does this mean we will have the ability to starve or is that planned for the future? Also if doesnt mean that, can you elaborate on it some more? Also, blades and old saw blades are still not droping, How soon can we expect to see a high increase in drops for scav? Also will you guys be able to tell us where things will be and what they do? (we also need this info if you really want us to test things, as it stands atm we dont have a clue what drops where and atm nothing is droping but same as we keep saying, So we cant test things to make sure their actually working.)
    Revised thirst and hunger means that all actions will be affected by players that are not properly fed. You'll have to keep your player at normal thirst and hunger levels or your actions (crafting, combat, scavenging, etc.) will suffer.

    We patched out a table with revised saw blades last Friday. The main distribution of scavenged objects is with materials and patterns, not so much with components which should be found in most territories. It really doesn't make sense for us to post full tables of what can be found where as players should be figuring that out by exploring!

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    Questions for the week 8/08 through 8/14

    MrDDT Asks:

    When do you think we will start to see events happen in game?
    If you mean player run events, I'm not sure. Guide run events will continue as they are run now.

    Whats your plans for what types of NPCs that will be coming into the game?
    No new NPC types are planned. NPCs will continue to be creatures, though some creatures (such as undead) will be able to loot players and eventually attack towns. The plan is to continue improving AI and NPC abilities but not to add any new types (vendors, quest givers).

    Whats your vision for PVP in this game?
    PVP should be balanced between character and player skill and based on decisions, favoring slower, strategic combat and not quick 'gankfest' type of battles. It's getting there, but we have a bit more balancing to do.

    mrwooj asks:

    I chose basketry and can make one "range" of baskets after raising the skill extensively. Why did you decide not to have the whole range of basket recipes open up for those who choose the skill at character creation?

    New players who do not choose basketry at character creation will never be able to make any type of basket unless they find a recipe. Nobody has ever found one yet. Why have you chosen this path when new players are finding it very hard and many leave the game very quickly?
    This was not intentional and is being worked on this week. Basket recipes are available but will be made easier to find and the scheme gain system is being revised.

    The scavenge table is STILL broken, even after you have "fixed" things in the new patch. Nobody has found an old saw blade for example. What are you going to do about this? Most people i have talked to prefered how it was before you tried to fix it the first time.
    Since our last public update (8/12) we've had reports that players are now finding these objects, so this should be correct now.

    Animals are extremely scarse even though this was apparently fixed in the last patch. When can we expect a decent amount of creatures to hunt?
    The problem is still creatures getting stuck in places where players don't find them. There are thousands of creatures around the lake. We have been revising creature pathfinding code and testing this extensively over the past few days.

    Do you employ a developer to play the game and relay the problems they encounter directly to the dev team, so you can have a totally unbiased account of the things that are very frustrating, the things that make the game unplayable in some ways and to report the things that are working well? Players are often too biased, with their own agendas, and this i believe is why the loot table for example was changed to a worse state in the first instance. It really feels like none of the dev team play the game and so are very distant from the real issues and which ones to prioritise ingame.
    Yes, our in house test team plays the game. We've expanded the test team to include volunteer player testers to get better feedback and we read all feedback requested in the Developer Zone. If you feel something is not being addressed, please post it in the Developer Zone threads.

    Why did we see some things fixed in the resourse table, such as shells, chalk, obsidian and flint showing up at a much more reasonable rate for about 2 weeks, but now they never show up again (with the exception of flint)?
    This is strange. We tested this specifically for a few hours after I read this comment, as the code hasn't been adjusted since this was updated. I personally found obsidian, quartz and shells. The testers also found this to be working properly. Resources reset only while you are moving. Maybe you are not moving around enough to find these resources?

    One time all the tree stumps grew back trees. Many people thought that was awesome. Why did you decide not to make this happen every spring as was mentioned?
    Tree stumps never regrew trees. This only appeared this way before launch at times when the terrain data was wiped (resetting trees to their original positions, where stumps were left behind).

    Trees are spawned near existing trees every spring (not from stumps).

    Can you give us an update on the status of carts etc? For example, what are you making first - carts, sleds, mounts? When can we expect to see some way to move large numbers of items?
    Wheeled hand pulled carts are coming soon. These are in the works and hopefully we'll get them in by the end of the month.

    soulless Asks:

    Forum posters have been asking for more content that sandbox players can use to create purpose, What new content, in your opinion, can you create soon, for them to do just that? Thanks for your time.
    Our main 'content' goals right now are to add more 'meaning' and use to current content. Once this is done we will be adding more physical content: carts, creatures, armor and architecture parts and more systems: cooking, healing, farming. The immediate goals are listed in our In Development section.

    thurgond Asks:

    Will a standalone roof with no walls or floor protect against item/container decay?
    Yes. Walls and floors will eventually increase the protection offered by a roof part but we are still working out the details on how to calculate this.

    Is there a mechanism to prevent "unlearning" basic starter patterns like thread and straps? If not, is there a mechanism for regaining these.
    Yes, basic recipes should not be able to be unlearned. Likewise you can't unlearn a recipe if you have a master recipe that depends on it. Master recipes will be in soon.

    You mentioned that:
    You will have to explore and get away from your safe zone for a good chance at new materials and architecture recipes.
    Virtually all the junk piles in Round Hill are either within my safe zone or paved over. Does this mean I won't be able to find the rare items in Round Hill but others might if they scavenge on my piles; anyone can find these items, but they will have to get extra lucky on the non-junk table away from any camp; or these items unattainable?
    Yes, others will have a better chance in your area than you. We are making adjustments to the rare items (recipes) as they are still too hard to find right now. Nothing will be unattainable. If something can't be found in your area, the best thing is to trade or quest for it. Promoting trade and questing is one of our main goals right now.

    Young Asks:

    When will Farming and Cooking be implemented along with Animal Meat?
    These will be worked on after our current round of features listed as In Development. We have a few more weeks to wrap up the current round of changes.

    inhabit Asks:

    Looking for confirmation of the following for future planning:

    Jimmy...has been abandoned buy his tribe and now sits lonely on his own in a tribe area meant for 50.
    Does Jimmy have to worry about the future developers plans to deal with him, will his area shrink/will items decay quicker outwith a certain area etc or will he be fine
    If Jimmy's tribe abandons him, the tribe should already shrink as the members leave. If the members are still there even if they don't play, Jimmy has nothing to worry about. If the members log in and actually abandon the tribe, the tribe will shrink. I hope that answers your concern!

    Thanks for all the questions!

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    Questions for the week 8/15 through 8/21

    MrDDT Asks:

    Any plans to add special moves to combat?
    Yes, planned moves include knockdown kicks, stunning and disarming. Once our lead combat / AI programmer is done with AI improvements in progress he's going to focus on combat moves.

    Derek Asks:

    Has there been any thought, and is there a strategy in place to keep the GUI and key binds simplified and compact? For example, have action bar slots that swap when in combat mode so that one whole set of key binds can be used for two purposes. (i.e. "1" key = scavenging while out of combat, "1" key = special melee attack while in combat) I've elaborated on this in the combat feedback.
    We will improve the AI over time. We do plan to add scrollable rows to the action bar so you will be able to do what you mentioned. I'm not sure about the automatic swap in combat mode, but I'll think about it. It wouldn't be difficult to do.

    Aramanu Asks:

    When will we get bushes? (I want to pick my berries fresh off the branch, not the floor. :P )
    Probably in October we are going to revise the grass system to include more bushes and better grass.

    meissner61 Asks:

    What are your thoughts on the way distant locations look right now? Personally i think the game is pretty and everything but in the distance the environment has some big issues. I Think a way to keep things pretty from a distance is to have a sort of "Fog" instead of trying to render everything. Also Water is beautiful but has some glitches that are .
    I want to improve it. We recently reduced the amount of loaded terrain to 1/4 of what we used to load. This had freed up a lot of memory, so we plan to increase the detail of the distant terrain backdrop and I want to look into better methods to texture this.

    Would it be a complicated issue to make a tired character walk instead of fully stop? Its such a sore to have to completely stop and sit. Runescape does this.
    We could allow the character to continue to walk slowly. I'll think about this. If I set this up, the character will regain less energy while walking slowly than while resting, of course.

    Just gonna go ahead and voice my concerns for jumps. They are really glitchy (Water, jumping over a hole) And even just the animation has a very lengthy ending where you cant do anything for a few seconds (I can start walking/running right after i hit the floor typically in real life)
    Yes, this needs to be further revised. It's on our list, potentially for late September.

    Oooh ooh! And also can we please get functions to click on the screen to rotate camera (With left mouse button) and also when zooming in all the way have it go into first person mode automatically instead of having to press home
    Please submit the first as a suggestion if you haven't already. The second is already on our list.

    dali2gala Asks:

    will there be circular arch recipes?
    One of our artists is working on a few curved walls right now. We'll need to make curved roof and floor parts to match and we need to test how these will fit with the current parts. These are trickier to work with than the current parts. We'll see at the end of the week if these will be easy to add or if there are complications with placement and combining them with current parts.

    also will we be able to place items in more than 2 fixed positions? currently we can only place walls facing east(3) to west(9) and north(12) to south(6). it would be nice if we could place them in more than those positions (1 oclock, 7 oclock etc)
    No, but we will have specific corner parts aligned to ordinal directions. The parts need to snap to the grid, so simply rotating them 45 degrees (for example) will create gaps. I was thinking about automatically swapping in different meshes as needed, but this can be complicated.

    Thanks for the questions!

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    Questions for the week 8/21 through 8/29

    Liquidblade Asks:

    1- was wondering, will we ever be able to run just using the mouse? or are we stuff pressing the w keys? at least out combat would be nice to have.
    This does conflict with combat, but yes it would be possible out of combat. I've added this to our suggestion list to look into soon.

    2- do you have an idea when we will be able to contest abandoned totems?
    There is no plan to have contested abandoned totems. (If they are abandoned, nobody will be around to defend them!). The plan is to set totems on a decay timer and if nobody from that tribe visits the totem within the time limit (likely a few months), the totem will be removed and all objects remaining will be up for grabs.

    3- floor tiles, when we terraform we have a square area the size is aprox 2sq feet, are we going to have floor tiles for this size?
    I'll consider this, however the smaller the tiles, the more objects in game, which needs to be kept manageable.

    4- Combat takes way to long....even with anything being done about this?
    Yes, we have been working on combat this week including increased damage and increased armor effects.

    5- Any possability in adding a color when placing in red=item can't be placed there green=that item can be placed there that same spot.
    The question isn't clear to me. If you mean while placing objects (like bins) on the ground, no, this would not be easy to add.

    Virror Asks:

    Any possibility that you can make it possible to build stuff on floors? Would add alot more flexibility to an already very nice system : )
    If you mean placing bins and furniture on floors, yes. Bins should be placeable on floors already and furniture will be added.

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    Seeing that you release patches on any given day (when they are ready), why do you have wednesday as patch day?
    - Wouldn't it make more sense to have any given daily maintenance day as a possible patch day instead?

    I favor patch days that are done when the patch is ready instead of waiting for a specific day, which is why I'm asking :P.
    Wednesday is an extended maintenance day and was a 'potential' patch day. We will correct the display on the maintenance schedule to remove this. Updates will be patched out when ready (as we've done with the last couple of patches on Fridays).

    Thanks for the questions!

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    Questions for the week 8/29 through 9/04

    MrDDT Asks:

    What are your plans to remove these unused totems?
    We will set totems on a timer. If no tribe member uses the totem for a set period of time the totem will be removed and all items on that land will be accessible to other players. We are considering setting these abandoned tribes as spawn points for undead, until the land is claimed by a new tribe.

    Mactavendish Asks:

    When will we see animals back in the game? ( haven't seen ANY in an 2 weeks )
    They are around. We've reset the creatures with today's update (9/08) and will be monitoring their movement.

    When will we see some form of ongoing and repeatable fun things to do like mutants, roaming giant bears or Zombies?
    Very soon. These things are being worked on right now and will be ready for the next big patch.

    Can you explain how tree sprouting works? It looks to work well in the wilds but so far in our tribal area we have has 1 ( one ) tree sprout and it was right beside another tree. I was of the understanding that they can sprout as far away as 500 meters from the source tree.. but that does not seem to be the case. Is there restrictions placed on sprouting trees on tribal lands?
    Trees spawn near other living trees. They shouldn't spawn on blocked surfaces and they avoid spawning on buildings, which is why they may fail to find spawn locations in tribe zones.

    Is is ever going to be possible to have the chat box have an opaque background?

    Some housing parts will slide UNDER suspended floor and roof pieces like the mason heavy gate. To build multi-story structures, can you modify it so that wall sections can be directly on top of other wall sections, or does that conflict with collision detection?
    We will work on this, yes.

    Virror Asks:

    Maybe i was a bit vague in my last question. I was wondering if we will have the possibility to place walls, posts and other structures on top of floors to add to the variety?
    No, as the parts need to snap together properly. We will add more parts, however, including corners and different size floor parts.

    thurgond Asks:

    Does the "display resolution size MISMATCH" popup serve any purpose? Can it be removed? Windowed mode is more stable when you alt tab frequently. This window seldom has focus and is a huge pain.

    This did serve a purpose as there were problems with setting your game to the max resolution in windows.

    Why is the icon for small sheets large than the one for medium sheets?
    Not sure. I will check this.

    Can you please fix the bin labeling permissions bug before putting in object decay. Moving bins that can't be labeled/relabeled is twice the pain.
    Please make sure this is reported directly to Dezgard. I was not aware of this bug.

    If we can't have more frequent, but smaller updates (my preferred situation), can the server be reset at least once a week to fix animal spawn problems?
    We've created a new distribution that will allow us to do this if necessary.

    Liquidblade Asks:

    Currently when playing in third person, when we go inside buildings we see the top of the roof or outside of walls etc. Is there plans to allow the camera to recognize that there objects and zoom in according to the roof height etc? Like when I enter a roofed building..instead of viewing the top of the building the camera zooms in close and I'm still able to see my self.
    Yes, this is on our list (with many other things!).

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    1. What is the status with borderless windowed mode?
    2. The current windowed mode is not centered properly. Would it be possible to center it correctly?
    3. Why are the icons, bars, gauges etc tooltips/lighten up when hovered over offset? Gauges are an example. Energy's tooltip doesn't show 'till you hover over Adrenaline, Health's tooltip doesn't show 'till you hover over Faith. Same with the otherside. It is like that with most in-game that has tooltip/lightens up/clickable.
    - Not items tooltip.
    We made some changes to this with today's update (9/08) Previously if you set your resolution to maximum in windowed mode, there were problems due to improper sizing of the window. That is why we had a warning pop up. These problems should be corrected now.

    4. Tools doesn't add durability/quality. I think Unclean will say the same.
    - Does the quality/durability of a given tool (quality/durability adding) matter how much it adds to quality/durability or is this just it's own quality/durability?
    I will look into this. Testers reported this is working correctly.

    Thanks for the questions!

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    Questions for the week 9/05 through 9/12

    MrDDT Asks:

    Can you tell us your plans you have to keep people active in game? Whats your short term plans and long term goals on what would be some things or over all ideas to keep people active, and logging in.
    In brief:

    Improve and balance current systems to give them more meaning (quest system, combat, housing, buffs, skill gains).

    Finish systems that were long placed on hold as we had to deal first with critical stability issues. This includes cooking and planting.

    Add new physical content that is ready including mutants, undead and more craftable items.

    Add new features that have been requested (for example, carts).

    Start totem decay and invite all players to return with some free time added there accounts as soon as we are ready.

    Add expansion totems and allow tribes to remove safe zones.

    (Edit: This has been fixed.) Is there a reason to remove 1600x900 resolution size off the list? It used to be there.
    It hasn't been removed. The available resolutions are added automatically by DirectX functions based on your graphic card and drivers. If you haven't submitted this as a bug report, please do so, but nothing has been changed that should affect this.

    Combat, is this your idea of how long combat should last? For a rat it should take over a min for a high skilled player to kill? For PVP it should take mins of non stop attacking without misses with high skilled high QL weapons?
    In short, no. However, I have recieved many conflicting reports about combat. I am going to read through combat feedback that has been collected tonight. In my direct tests, combat lasts nowhere near as long as some players have been reported. Are you using swing power at all, or spam clicking the mouse buttons?

    Mactavendish Asks:

    Can you please outline for us all what YOUR vision for the game is?
    Honestly, I think what is posted in our About section covers it well. My vision is a game where players are shaping and running the world. I know there is a constant discussion about 'carebears' vs 'pvp'. My vision is about balance and evoloving with the community.

    Specifically... a few feel that the only thing that will "save" xsyon is full FFA open pvp with no safe zones... ( i.e: gankers heaven )
    So, Is armed combat the primary vision for xsyon or is it more a combination of all sides of the game?
    No. It is part of the game, but has never been my primary vision.

    You have allowed players to interact in many ways that allow great freedom, like removing all trees around a tribes area to cut them off from resources, but you have not put in any way for that tribe to recover the loss. And even though trees sprout now, they only sprout where there are other trees... again not allowing a tribe to recover the loss of threes in an area complete completely denuded of trees.

    How soon will we be able to plant trees?
    Planting trees is in our current round of development, so it will be ready for the next big update. I will update the In Development section to reflect this as soon as I've sorted out our full plans through October.

    To make sure that there is reason and purpose to pvp...

    Will you have an alignment system in place that provides a way for good aligned players to sanction evil aligned players that abuse their desire to play in peace?

    Thank you for considering my questions. Well done so far on ALL your hard work to make xsyon a unique and interesting game
    Yes, there is already an alignment system in place and we will give more meaning to this soon, including harsher death penalties for evil players.

    kiwibird Asks:

    Will players be able to see item stats? For example, weight, bulk and any special properties the item may have (perhaps linked to a skill)?
    You should be able to see most of the stats already (quality, duration and special properties). Please submit a suggestion regarding what other properties you would like to see.

    Liquidblade Asks:

    I was wondering about the terraforming skill. Can we have a level up or level down option? basically the same as lower terrain and raise terrain, at this time we have to lower the terrain, then raise up to get ground leveled.
    I need more information about this (Please contact Dezgard via PM to explain the problem). The level terrain command should be doing what you describe.

    Thanks for the questions!

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    Questions for the week 9/12 through 9/19

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    1. With the manual you get an easy overview of which skills increases what stats and what stats helps a specific skill along.
    My question is, would it be possible to obtain a list of which skills is opposite of each other in terms of stat gaining/losing. Eg. If you raise Architecture, your Intelligence and Spirit would gradually gain, but your strength and dexterity would gradually decrease.
    The stats that decrease are your least used stats, independent of what skill or stat you are gaining.

    2. Would you consider revising the current system to vary how much effort is needed to change stats through skills in the way that; A high skill will be more likely to provide you with a stat gain whereas a low skill would be less likely to provide you with a stat gain?
    - This would be based in reality where it is easier to maintain and increase said physical attributes if they are already a regular event in your everyday.
    Yes, I will think about this. As it is right now, the farther you are from your original stat, the more difficult it is to increase it.

    3. Can you, at the present time, give us the dimension of fields in agriculture? 1m x 1m, 2m x 2m. 3m x 3m etc.
    - I'm quite aware that they are a way of into the future, I'm just curious to see how 'big' you Devs are considering to make them. A shot in the wild is more than fine btw.
    2x2 m is the current plan, but this may change.

    4. Would it be possible to reduce the length of a long log so that the longest of them just fit inside a 4m x 4m house? They should still vary in length.
    - I'm aware that it has no technical importance, but it would cool to be able to have doors on houses you use for logs.
    Please submit this in our Suggestion Tracker. I will consider this, however I need to discuss this with the team to make sure that this doesn't conflict with structures such as bridges that are already build out of logs.

    5. With the home buff introduced to the game, would it be possible to hand over privileges (permission) to Roofs and thus transfer the builder check to the person you gave the privileges to
    Yes, transfering ownership of buildings is on our short task list.

    6. Do you intend to make equally hard for Good players, seeing that evil players should be sanctioned even more? As you say, you want a balanced game, but it isn't a balanced game if only evil players are getting sanctioned. My concern is that being good is favored more than evil.
    In general it should be more of a challenge to be evil. Being evil already comes with built in benefits.

    6a. So, will you consider penalties for every kind of Alignment (perhaps just Good and Evil) instead of focusing on just Evil? Evil can have a death penalty, Good players for example have a penalty for just killing people (regardless of alignment - but Good players won't fall in alignment unless the victim is neutral or good.)
    The penalty for good players is they can't perform 'evil' actions without losing alignment. I don't think Good players need further restrictions.

    7. What is up with the Suggestion forum. It seems a lot more complex than that of the old with a lot of threads being spammed.
    It is meant to be easier for us to use as we can sort Suggestions by type and priority. The actual suggestions are copied to our internal system where I can read them without the additional talk. Suggestions should not be spammed however.

    8. What happened to the 'baby' animal models? I haven't seen a single since pre-launch.
    This is strange. They are all in game and I've seen screenshots submitted with various child animals. It's possible now that creatures are aging too quickly. I will look into this.

    Aramanu Asks:

    When will we see Archery and how will it work? (Do we have to go into 1st person mode ala darkfall? Will there be a reticule? will arrows be effected by the enviroment as in wind/gravity?)
    There will be a reticule and arrows will be affected by wind and gravity. I have never played Darkfall, so I can't compare the system. I don't know when you'll get a first look at this as we now how a lot to catch up with.

    When will we see zombies and stuff? (Will they attack player settlements or just stand around waiting to be killed like other games?)
    As soon as possible. They will be aggressive and not slow as they are undead but not typical zombies.

    When a totem decays away everything left is up for grabs? (will add a much needed exploration factor to the game.)

    Any plans for adding other enviroments in the future? (dead towns, proper cave systems, swamps, underwater etc etc.)
    Yes. We have a lot of plans like this. We just need to be able to grow. The Prelude is just the beginning of what was planned and designed.

    Drevar Asks:

    1) How do bonuses like +Strength on a tool affect the crafting result, if at all? In all other cases you have to equip the item to get the bonus, but you don't equip tools.
    Bonuses should work differently based on the item type. Most bonuses work for armor and weapons only right now. Tool bonuses should apply to the end product, not directly to the player.

    2) There are several material bonuses that are vague or off-type for certain crafts. For example how does the +damage bonus work in cases where the item cannot contribute to combat damage, like on tools? I also noticed there is no +durability bonus on any materials. Is there any chance we can get a rundown of how applied bonuses affect different item types? (+speed is a big one...could be swing speed, run speed, progress bar speed depending on the item type, though not sure how much faster a building would move, lol.)
    Some of this needs to be finished and further revised. We will update the manual with a run down on this once we get to all the currently planned revisions.

    3) Will wood and leather/fur types be gaining different material bonuses?
    Yes! Also I plan to set up different properties for trees based on regions.

    4) On the current quality scale Supreme means the quality is 100. Is this a hard cap or can the value exceed 100? It would be nice to be able to stack +quality (mats and tools) in order to hedge against a vindictive RNG.
    This is a hard cap of 100.

    5) Could we get similar schemes/patterns to stack? The quality level doesn't mean anything here so no loss on combining a master with a low Scrapper's Screwdriver scheme.
    Revised answer: yes, we can stack these. I will put this on my list of things to do.

    6) Can crafting menus gain the ability to remember the last crafted item? How about the last sort state?
    Please submit this as a suggestion.

    7) Can we have our open UI windows states saved when we log off? The positions are already saved, we just need the open/closed state saved as well.
    Please also submit this as a suggestion.

    MrDDT Asks:

    Where did the numbers go for the combat tab? Moved over to a combat tab and lost most of the info we had in combat. Reasons?
    It was cleaned up last minute prior to the patch and is being further revised.

    Combat still taking a long time, is there balancing being looked at here? Looks like random guessing or poorly tested combat systems. You said last week that you tested combat and its not lasting near as long as people are saying. Even AFTER your last patch with mobs and people with less HP its STILL taking way to long. Is this really what you plan on it doing? Taking mins for mobs to die, and even longer for people?
    Weapons are they being looked at for balancing? How soon if they are?
    Combat revisions are still the current focus right now.

    Where is the survival in this game? This game was meant to be about it, where is it? Is it coming soon I hope?
    We're doing our best to give everything in the game more meaning.

    Can we get the bonuses of items looked at? They are so minor, even going from a JUNK to a SUPREME items is really not much when you consider how very very very hard it is to make a SUPREME. Can we please get some better bonuses for using top of the line stuff?
    We will look at this after the next combat patch. Bugs in the system were throwing off the values.

    Long time ago you said people were not going to have to "grind" items just to level. Now people are asking for throwing stuff away options while crafting. Seems like just what you didnt want is happening. Is there plans to make lower QL items more used? Or maybe better bonuses for making the best stuff for skill-wise? Right now, to train tool crafting I will take the crap of the crap resources and make the easiest item 20000 times to get to 100 skill. There is ZERO reason to make harder items or items that require more resources. Is this your plan? If not what is your plan to fix this?
    No. It's not my plan. You gain more skill for crafting a high level object than a low level one. You gain experience points so you can use skill points instead of always grinding. As with everything I need better feedback and testing so we can balance things out.

    When do you expect Prelude to be over, and contested resources, and "choice" for for totems to be PVP or not?
    I can't give any time estimates given the current situation. I am just barely able to work right now, though I'm better than last week.

    What is the reason/reward for a tribe to choose not to be safe?
    Better resources within and near your tribe location.

    Do you plan any type of "sieging" system in the game ever to come along? If so about when? How? What are your plans for it?
    This has been asked and answered before. Yes, I think it would add to the game, but as it wasn't part of the original plan, I will look at other games that work well first and then design a system. I don't have solid plans for this.

    Do you have plans for more NPCs types (not really animals, but maybe like Zombies, or Vampires etc) that will be more hostile and harder to kill? Or even with more thought behind what they are doing? Instead of just wondering bears, and coyotes?
    If so when, and how do you see those plans working into the game?
    Yes, we will have undead and they are being worked on right now.

    When and how are death penalties coming into the game?
    When, as soon as possible. There will be skill loss and stat loss on death.

    You talked about good vs evil actions being tracked and "evil" actions will have stronger death penalties, do you have plans for other types of penalties or rewards for evil? Also what do you consider evil? What actions in game cause people to be evil?
    When do you think we will see this evil/good system?
    Killing and looting people is evil. The reward for being evil is taking other people's stuff!

    Skill decay, soft cap, and skill pools. When will we see info on this type of stuff released so we can make plans and not waste time right now training skills we will never be able to keep?
    I will detail the plans as soon as I can catch up with everything else that is going on.

    How many skills do you expect people to have after skill decay is in at 100?
    The system is based on soft caps within the skill groups, so this will entirely depend on the player. A player can have a lot of mid level skills or a balance of high and low skills.

    Liquidblade Asks:

    Even do I do not play an evil class, I do not think is fair to give penalties to evil players. If there is a "Death" penalty for every, this pretty much will only affect evil players. We as a whole need to decide who is evil, by the action the person does. Think about it in real life one would never know if someone was a murderer, we have to have witnesses and trials to prove that someone is a murderer, well perhaps we can do similar in game? I just finish watching "Jeremiah" and loved the show. There where evil tribes "Groups" everywhere and the people around it either sign up with those groups or fought against them. so with this being said here are my questions:

    1- are there going to be death penalties? in other words "carebear" comes to mind.
    Yes, there will be death penalties (stat and skill loss, possibly item decay).

    We do not have reasons to kill people, I mean I cant kill anyone just because I have everything. so you are working so hard on this pvp system, but people are not using it. The matter of fact is we all want t pvp, but have no reason for it. Instead of penalizing players for about rewarding players instead. Like dropping dogtags or something with rare stats to be used as a collection in whole to be used in "rare" armor. IE: (Collect 20 dogtags to make a dogtag plate with so and so stats.)

    2- what ideas do you have to encourage pvp?
    Right now anyone can be anything they want, and to be honest I hate doing everything my self. I mean it used to be more fun for me to get a group of people together to go kill a dragon and half the group dying to get this task accomplished. I know some of you have maxed out stats in every craft skill, but I wish we had to depend on others to do stuff (this would encourage trading).

    3- What plans do you have for the crafting skill system?. Is to easy for people to do everything.
    With "to easy for people to do everything" being said. I think that resources are to easy to gather (well except for logs and sand) everything else is pretty much in piles. How bout getting leather "only" from animals, stones from rocks, cloth from insects and animal hair, plastic from tree sap, metals from iron, copper veins etc, instead of everything being found on junk piles. Some items could be scavenged in junk piles as it is now, but since its so easy to lvl up crafting at least make the resources a little harder to "get"

    3-are there any plans to make crafting more difficult so we have to depend on others? or at least resources harder to get?
    I will answer all of these questions together. It seems to me the major issue that that items do not decay enough, so the world is flooded with them. What should encourgage PvP is rare resources and more difficult to craft items (tools, weapons and armor) that are worth looting.

    We introduced a lot of rare, regional resources that provide bonuses. The feedback I got is that the good quality resources that provide bonuses are hard to find (as they should be), thus valuable. Leather and bones from scrap piles should be rare and not near the quality of that gathered from animals. We added master and artisan recipes and scheme limits so that not all players would be able to master every tool. We will make similar changes to weapon and armor crafts.

    I will request more feedback on all of this soon. I think the current system and plans are fine but I need to make things more difficult so that they work as intended.

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    Questions for the week 09/19 through 09/26

    MrDDT Asks:

    Where are the updates you said you were going to post last week?
    We going to get the answers to last week before this week's is up?
    As was posted, I was unable to do anything at all for about a week because I was ill. We are catching up now.

    Mactavendish Asks:

    We have 6 trees in our tribal area. NONE of them ever sprout trees. If we use what happens to other trees as an example, at least one tree should sprout since it has clear ground all around it.

    Question 1. Do trees actually sprout on tribal land, and if so, can they actually sprout further away than 10 meters like we see in the undeveloped areas?
    They should, yes. I will look into this issue. Buildings block potential tree spawns, so this may be what's happening in your tribe zone.

    Before we took this spot for our tribe, there were many trees on the ridge above, but someone came and cut them ALL down. And since you have to have a tree to have new trees sprout, and since planting is still sometime in the future...

    Question 2. Can you sprout a few trees in ares completely denuded of trees or at least allow the ones close by to sprout 1 or two into areas that have NONE?
    Question 3. Is there any info you can give on how soon we will get planting?
    Tree planting is a top priority right now. We further revised the database system on test server to accomodate for this. Once combat revisions and carts are ready, tree planting will follow.

    Question 4. can you provide any info on when decay and zombies will be implemented? And can you tell us how Zombies will work?

    I know you have given some info and I love the idea of them spawning at abandoned totems, but have you finalized what you are going to do yet?
    Decay was implemented but overall decay was cumbersome on the server, so it needs revisions. These will happen after tree planting.

    One of our programmers has been working on undead combat over the past week. Undead will work differently than the current animals. Current animals breed, while undead will spawn at junk piles and at totems when they are abandoned. Undead will be aggressive and will be able to loot players and use their equipment, so they will gain power by defeating players.

    Willowhawk Asks:

    1) Are there any plans to use tribe Name Tags or Tribe Colors?
    Yes, you will get a buff soon for wearing predominately tribal colors. We don't have any plans soon for tribal name tags, but we have tribal banners that should be ready soon.

    2) Will branches and twigs ever re-spawn and if so will they spawn on terraformed areas also?
    Yes we will spawn 'forest' terrain around new trees so you can gather branches and twigs.

    3) Any plans to have fishing reward you with rare or unique items other than fish? (could add some appeal to fishing)
    We have this on our suggestion list and I like the idea, so yes. Before this though, there will be buffs provided by eating rare fish types.

    unclean666 Asks:

    Can we please get white stone roads.Im sure i speak for everyone that this brown road is getting old and ugly.Looks like guides can do it so i wouldent think it to much work for use as well.
    I've put this on our suggestion list. If everyone doesn't like the current texture, we can change it.

    Oh and can we get shovels to break when used I have 300 plus shovel heads and no use for them.Plus it would help build trade.
    Yes, all items will decay soon, especially on use.

    krimara Asks:

    1. Can we get some further clarification on Totem decay, I couldn't find anything recent with a good outline of how you are wanting this system to work.
    The plan right now is simple. We will set a start time for totems to decay. Tribes simply will neeed to use the totem to keep it active. If a totem is not used for x amount of time (the amount of time will be decided after we hold a survey), the totem becomes abandoned. At that point, undead will spawn at the totem and all objects in the tribe zone will be become accessible. We are working on having undead rummage through bins as well, though this is a bit difficult and may be saved for the future.

    2. What are your current thoughts for safe zones and expansion totems?
    The same as was outlined a while back. Expansion totems will not be safe zones, but will provide better resources. Tribes will be able to remove their safe zone and gain the properties of an expansion totem if they wish to do so. The first removal of safe zones will mean that players will be able to attack on the tribal lands.

    2A. Are we going to be able to have both?
    2B. Are they going to be restricted to certain zones?
    Both regular and expansion totems will be able to be placed anywhere.

    3. Are two handed weapons still in the works? If so how soon could we expect to see them.
    They will be added once we're all satisfied with the combat system. I am hoping that the coming revisions will be well received. Then we'll see.

    4. Can we expect any new armor sets being available sometime in the near future. Specifically bone armor sets, we have a lot of animals but few armor sets.
    Yes, we have many new female armor sets ready and some scrap armor sets that will be gained from undead.

    5. When zombies come in will we be able to get bones from them for the human armor sets? Also on that note will we be able to gather bones from players? I would understand if not as this could cause problems with "farming" alts.
    Yes to gaining human bones from undead. We won't allow this yet from players until we have solid death penalties in place.

    6. How have you been? XD
    It was horrible week and a half, not being able to do anything, but it feels great to not be dizzy 24 hours a day as I'm recovering now.

    inhabit Asks:

    1. Foraging - when is the stuff actually going to have a use, self heal sounds interesting but what are your plans for these? (edible plants i know but pointless when fish fills you up quicker)
    The plan is that the different plants found will be used primarily in cooking to add properties to recipes created. Some plants will also be used for healing and poisons.

    2. Scavaging - again things like freeway rail, lampost heads etc etc when are we going to get a use for these?
    There are building parts that use these parts that will come with the undead.

    3. Im interested in the human bones too, because i want a deathbone armour set , but do the bones of different animals have different strengths currently, or is this planned for the future?
    The bones do have different properties. I will look into this as they should be functioning.

    4. When is weather/basket decay actually going to be "turned on", i know we got icons added in last patch but when will they have an effect?
    As soon as we get back on track, after combat revisions, carts and tree planting.

    eric Asks:

    When will carts or whatever form of 'mover' it will be be introduced in the game?
    Trading heavy items (like bricks or posts) just will not happen without transportation means...
    In progress right now. This is not a quick and easy task.

    thurgond Asks:

    Can you confirm that tents will provide protection from decay?

    Why do leather straps weigh considerably more than the leather scraps and thread used to make them?
    I wasn't aware of this. Please submit this as a bug. (I didn't personally create the weight tables).

    Any plans to revise existing weapon recipes (not two handed and bows)?
    Yes, they will be revised and we will add Artisan and Master recipes like we did with the tool system.

    Thanks for the questions!

  10. #30
    MrDDT Asks:

    We going to have an update on what and when the next patch is about?
    The next few updates should be frequent small updates with combat revisions, bug fixes and other small improvements leading to the addition of carts. I will post more information in the main announcments thread.

    Hodo Asks:

    Can we get some developer feedback on this?
    After we improve the current parrying system, we will add an injury system that temporarily affects players stats. We won't, however, copy the Roma Victor system.

    VeryWiiTee Asks:

    1. Where is my physics! I cant get water to go down into a stream, leading it to lower ground or do the opposite. Isn't this kind of pivotal for a sandbox game?
    2. When can we expect to see physics applied to water?
    I would love to implement this, but it won't be for a while. This would be a big undertaking!

    3. Can we get a notice a week prior to adding the one week game-time?
    Yes, that is the plan!

    4. Marksmanship, how soon or will it be in the next round of development (pretty please put it as some of the first added feature)
    It's not in our current round of tasks for this month, but I am hoping we'll get to bows in November.

    5. You speak of Revenants as they will be entering the game very soon, is this likely? The upcoming patch or the next perhaps?
    5a. Will it include mutants?
    We will have small patches before this, but both Revenants and Mutants are planned to be in by the end of this month.

    6. I thought a little on the penalty for Good and I kept thinking, what prevents them from abusing the alignment system. They can just fill up their Good alignment to the max and then do evil, all they needed to do was stop before turning Neutral and then start working on their Good alignment. Just a thought since people didn't buy the whole combat for the sake of just improving skills, but requested more objectives in combat. I'm a bit worried that the alignment system will just be a meh-whatever-system.
    This has already been thought about quite a bit. Some actions, such as random killing of other good or neutral players result in an automatic alignment drop to evil.

    The actual alignment system has been implemented for a long time. It just doesn't have any visible effects since we removed your alignment affecting revival location after death. It does need some revisions and we're going to study current player's alignments to see what can be improved.

    We will reset alignments when we add consequences.

    7. I dig Liquidblade's idea of being able to make custom names for cities.
    7a. Would it be possible to create 'zone' names within a tribe area at some point? Could be cool for stuff like Crafting Quarter, Entering the city of XXX.
    Customizing your zone name would be easy. Creating zones within your tribe area would be more difficult. Please submit this as a suggestion if you haven't already. I agree this would be a cool addition, but I'm not sure how a quarter would be marked out. This requires some thought...

    8. Have you seen a doctor and are you being treated? No good just letting an ear infection run its course!
    Yes! This is a very serious problem and I've been treating as such. I've got another visit with my doctor planned tomorrow. Thanks for the concern!

    Liquidblade Asks:

    Is it possible that our cities instead of having our tribe name, could be named such as "Rome" and perhaps adding "Founded by Legion" ??
    I think this would be easy actually, so I've added it to my current tasks for this weekend. If it is easy (I'll know after I revisit this part of the code, I'll add it by next week.

    Derek Asks:

    Is there any chance of re-balancing the energy drain mechanic? It just seems too harsh at the moment. I spend ~25% of my time resting while logged in. If the jogging drain could be at least cut in half that would be a good start. Others seem to be having the same issue. Please read this thread:
    Yes and this is on my task list for the next two weeks. Being well fed will also have a greater effect on this.

    Deacon Asks:

    hmmmm....where do I begin....

    1.) are we going to get a way to carry water.....I spend more time going to river to drink than anything else..except resting.
    Yes, hopefully soon. I am going to look into this after a few other tasks are out of the way.

    2.) are shields going to be introduced?'s a natural form of protection...even the Native Americans had hide streched over wood a kid, I'd pick up a trashcan lid for protection during dirt clod fights....
    Yes. Shields are being designed already and animations are in progress. The models and textures should be ready in 2 weeks and they can be added shortly after.

    3.) Are we going to get lighting/torches of sorts other than campifires ? Campfires dont seem to really light anything up much, and we also need indoor lighting/torches.
    At some point, yes. We have a lot of other things that need to be finished first though.

    4.) Can we get differing lengths of wall 1/2 and 1/4.....would make building to utilise area more efficiently (and is there a fix for yakid post soon ?)
    I'm considering this, but the more small building parts we add, the greater effect towns will have on frame rate. We will definitely first add corner parts and a fixed Yakid Post will be patched out with the corner parts.

    5.) Speaking of campfires....are they ever gonna be destroyable by anyone if not on a tribe lands? And will they ever actually burn out?
    Yes to both. Improving campfires should happen in November.


    Using Roads that exist DO make my char move faster, however, it also appears it uses more energy.....

    Shouldnt traveling on a road use less energy instead?
    I took note to look into this. They shouldn't use more energy right now.


    What crafting skill will be used to make shields?
    All of the crafts that contain armor sets will have shields.

    Thanks for all the questions!

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  2. Hello everyone
    By Bretton in forum Prelude Talk - General Discussion
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  3. Please put the annoucments in one thread...
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  4. The Shadow Regiment
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