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    Questions of Week 07/22 through 07/29

    Neo70 Asks:

    Hi !
    When comes a other form of Fireplace, like Torches ?
    I don't have a time estimate for this.

    When comes "PaySafeCards" as a Payment to Xsyon ?
    Possibly when we move to our improved website this month. This may be an option with the upgraded account system we are implementing, but I am not sure.

    When Mounts comes , come there Horses too ?
    No. Bear and deer will be rideable.

    If Mounts comes, come there a new cart , like Horse-Cart too ?
    No, mounts will not pull carts at first.

    How will the Taming and Pets Feature work, can u say us something about it (please )

    ok, thats all for the moment, keep the good work on, cu and thx
    Taming will be basic at first (similar to UO). Pets will have a menu with several commands (follow, stay, go home, attack).

    Deacon Asks:

    Can we get all the bonus an item has to be displayed? i have items that have 3 bonus, but only 2 display.

    This will be checked and fixed during this current round of crafting / bonus revisions.

    Thanks for the questions!
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    Questions of Week 07/30 through 08/05

    Lordadamar Asks:

    1a. When will UI see improvement i.e. show stats ( all of them ) , and show Item information
    See post for more info
    There will be fixes to stat effects and displays in this current round of development.

    1b. at some point be able to lock UI window locations.
    No plans for this.

    1c. Have a world map with your location on it, and be able to set POI's on it. and have these POI's show up on mini map...
    No near term plans for this. A mapping skill is designed for the future.

    2. When will Armor stats actually start working ( especially cloth )
    Stat effects work now. Other effects are part of what we're working on now.

    3. When will There be more balancing to mobs ( Revs defense mod is outrageous, Coyote's and dogs hitting for 22 hp a Wack )
    Balancing will continue. It's a constant task as I receive a lot of conflicting feedback.

    4. When will Architecture positioning ever be added for up/down, Arch skill could be a lot more fun and creative if it didnt require massive mounds of dirt to accomplish multi story buildings...
    Not for a while. We want to implement PhysX and an improved collision system before we add this.

    5. Will we ever be able to terraform granite / basalt, just seems odd to be able to terraform Sand and limestone and not the others...
    Possibly but I don't have any plans for this right now. I don't want players to be able to easily carve away entire mountains.
    6. When will Grass grow back, It should grow back on any un-roaded piece of land...
    We set this up a while ago but it was turned off as it created too many data changes and caused problems. Putting this back in is on our list for the future, but it's not a priority right now.

    7. Will the game time always be determined by client side time or will server eventually control time/day/night cycle..
    Game Time is supposed to be server side (adjusted every ten minutes). It's been recently reported to me that there could be a bug with this and I will look into it.
    8. Are there any plans to create an economy other than bartering...
    Yes. Players will be able to trade at totems using their local town currency.

    sh1nji Asks:

    1- i see that pet and mount are for the next round, you have any eta for it??
    No, sorry. I can't give out an ETA. Our development team is tiny and small problems greatly effect our schedule. We are working towards raising funds to expand the team so that this will change.
    2- when you implement it, you will put in game horses??
    No. Bears and deer will be mounts.
    Riverspirit Asks:

    Are you going to nerf the animals?
    I used to have so much fun exploring and hunting and scavenging across the whole world. Now I have to be afraid of running into a 500 hp bear or 300 hp coyote or stupid 200hp cat around every corner. Are you going to fix this? It isn't fun anymore for most people that I have heard from. Revs are manageable, but getting boring pretty quickly.

    I can't imagine how new players are surviving when veterans are having trouble. I just want to know if things are going to change back to reasonable hp. Sure, a big mob once in a while, but not every single mob in the world.

    And maybe it is not the hp, since Willow and I used to be able to take on a 650hp bear by ourselves. Maybe it is that they are hitting way faster than we can, and they have so much reach that you can't successfully kite, since if you are 2 steps away they can still hit you, but you can't hit them. Or maybe it is the nerfed gear. But right now, a new player can't go hunting, even the hamsters have more hp than they do.
    We will do another round of adjustments soon. When we do, please join in our feedback sessions. I get a lot of conflicting feedback on creature power and difficulty. For a long while players were mass killing all creatures before they could age or grow in power. Now creatures have allowed to mature and many are max sized adults with some legendary power.
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    Questions of Week 08/06 through 08/12

    Shaggy Asks:

    What's the current timetable for getting grass regrowth turned back on?
    I don't have a timetable for this. The grass regrowth needs to be heavily optimized and isn't a priority right now. (It's not something quick that fits in with our schedule.

    Zaralis Asks:

    When the sound problem will be solved?
    Next patch, this week. This is a small bug that slipped by us last patch. It's been fixed and just needs to be patched out.

    lordadmar Asks:

    1. Will water collisions ever work more dynamic or always cause and effect...?
    ( What I mean is, right now if I want to dig a water canal through my tribe, I cant just dig it out and let water in and be done. I have to place stops every so often so the game doesnt cave it the canal. So the depth in my canal varies and is a pain to add architecture in).. Not to mention 5 times the work...

    2. If the game world will always have collisions that stop you from flooding stuff. Can Walls, Posts, and Platforms be recognized as a water stop so collisions dont force dirt to cave in and block water?
    This won't be improved any time soon. Realistic fluid dynamics would be great, but it's not feasible for us currently.

    3. Can footprint of boulders be reduced, I get the fact its there for a reason but I have boulders blocking terraforming and planting trees up to 5+ meters away..
    I won't change this any time soon as it's not the footprint of the actual boulders, but the radius checked for clear terraforming or planting that is the issue and without this large buffer players can (and will) cause other problems.

    4. Is it possible to put a decay timer on Tree stumps, im under the impression they affect Zone tree limit...
    We will add general decay for stumps and bundled materials left in the open at some point. Stumps do not affect the tree limit per zone.

    5. What is the zone tree limit, parts of my zone seem pretty barren, do logs everywhere does this affect tree limit?
    500. The limit counts only live trees. Logs and stumps do not affect the limit.

    6. Hows the Official Wiki page coming.
    It will be added to our new site. The new site will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

    unclean666 Asks:

    So what I would like to know is how you plan on fixing all this to making hunting worth the time and making it fun again
    I condensed your question to answer the main issue.

    Your concern is primarily with the stat 'nerf' on armor. The out of control stats caused several issues: None of the game systems were designed for stats in the range of 150-200. With stat gains so high on armor, regular stat gain over time is practically useless. Stats that primarily have effects limited at 100 (for crafting or resource gathering) become useless as starting stats as they can be replaced by sets of high stat armor when needed (with the coming crafting changes, 'high' stat suits for all stats, not just combat focused stats will be possible). There was a huge gap between mid level veteran players and a handful of players with high stat armor suits.

    Add this nerf made me aware that a stat gain of 25 point is not valuable to veteran players. It should be! This tells me that the issue is NOT in the actual stat gain, but the EFFECTS of these stats. A 25 point stat different SHOULD be noticeable. 100 points in a stat SHOULD be highly desirable and STATS in the range of 125 SHOULD be exceptional! These are the goals for the next round of changes.

    In conclusion, I feel that the armor stat nerf was a minor action but was our biggest step forward yet as it made me well aware of what truly needs to be adjusted and balanced.

    I'm sorry that we had to switch gears and focus on our website rather than the crafting update. It wasn't what we planned. This was highly recommended by the ad agency we're working with and it needs to be done.

    Mactavendish Asks:

    1. Are you planning to let simple animals like rabbits, rats and the like act like normal versions of those animals and not like mutant steroid junkies on pcp?
    Yes. The balance was set based on feedback from players on the test server. I will be balancing creatures based on my own playing for the current round of development.

    Are you ever going to make it easier to delete items from our back packs then the current drag and drop one at a time?
    Not anytime soon. The current system is standard.

    Can you put in SOMETHING ( fun ) that will draw players to this game and not add to the current overt tediousness that seems to characterize the entire game? ( I don't wish to be irritating here, but of the hundreds of players that HAVE been here, we are now left with maybe 100 total, it almost looks like you are trying to kill this off to a degree )
    We do our best. In my opinion the game is constantly improving. With each round of development we try to balance adding new features with improving current features and optimizing the client and server. Many small improvements go forgotten shortly after we release them, but the game is definitely far improved from a year ago in all respects.

    My next goal is to really nail down the balance of creatures (especially creature migration) and crafting.

    Regarding the number of players, the main problem right now is that we don't get enough exposure. Our coming advertisements should solve that.

    rookster1984 Asks:

    1. would like to know if there is any plans to add farming in the game, like growing crops maybe sugar for baking and bread etc, seen it on a few posts so seems like a much wanted addition, if so when do you think it will be.
    Yes. I want to implement agriculture before the end of 2012. We'll see how things go (they are always hectic!)

    2. i think adding metal working sort of thing would be good, to give people a choice instead of just scavenging, which can be a pain, like finding saw blades and parts for axes just so i can woodcut. i think this would be a good addition as well, you do this by changing fires into a holder as well to put mined metal in and after a small time its ready to be changed into nails saw blades etc, once unlocked on that skill tree. if theres any plans for this already have you got a time scale?
    Plans, yes, but no time scale. We have a lot of other things planned first. See below...

    another idea/question, what about like junk piles have small amounts of bone piles or dead animals, again to give more choice as scavenging doesn't give you a good amount of bones to do anything with.
    The scavenging resource tables are being revised in the current round of development, though bones and leather will still be primarily obtained by hunting.

    is there a link to a list of features and things coming to the game?
    Yes. Our current priority list is here: In Development

    Deacon Asks:

    Are you going to have one location where most of the answers to the commonly asked questions can be found? If your advertising works...then global is going to be flooded with the same questions over and over and over again...sort of like it is now. If they can figure out how to chat in
    The Wiki will be part of the new site. In addition, updates will be on the front page and we'll work on a better FAQ when we have the time. Would you like to volunteer to help? :-)

    Shaggy Asks:

    Did you guys give up on the wiki? I feel like we haven't heard about it for a while, and since among the playerbase there seems to be some conflicting evidence as to the current mechanisms for many processes in game it seems that the wiki should be bumped up and done asap. That way whenever you make updates to the game, you only need to change x and y in the wiki.
    It will be part of the new site and should be up in 1-2 weeks.
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    Questions of Week 08/13 through 08/31

    Deacon Asks:

    Can you add the cargo shorts and beater shirt to crafting while doing the crafting update? be nice to have some solid color clothes that are made by players.

    Yes, this will be part of the update.

    would also be nice if carts could go up ramps O.O
    We are implementing improved collision to fix this and other collision issues. It's a major task but it's currently in progress.

    will higher danger areas, yield better scavenging results and more rare items?
    Yes, more rare items will be found in the high danger regions.

    Are you ever going to implement a totem placement system where we dont have to guess if where we're actually putting it, fits the spot we want, or is centered in our area, after we had to move it to work around it?
    At some point we may allow moving a totem after it's placed. Currently totems are placed right in from of the player and the tribe is always centered on the totem. This is a change that seems minor but can cause issues with off centered tribes so it's not a priority right now.

    MrDDT Asks:

    Whats your plans for high level and high skilled crafters to do for trade and economy?
    High level crafters will create the most powerful and high quality objects. In the future we'll add specializations. I'm aware that tools have made the creation of high quality top level objects too easy and this is being revised with the crafting changes.

    What are some of your "end game" goals for players? Meaning not really end game forever end, but what do you expect high skilled and high geared players to be doing?
    The goal is for players to create their own societies and adventures.

    This could include:
    Leading a tribe and managing the society.
    Developing trade.
    Conflicts with other tribes.
    Designing and building extensive constructions.
    Creating adventures and events for other players.
    Hunting mutants and high danger creatures.
    Experience in game daily life.

    As we continue to add features and systems, there will be more possibilities.

    Really it's up to you. What a player does for their 'end game' should be up that the individual player and not my expectations.

    KMan Asks:

    Question about luck. In this thread one of the players complained about not learning any new architecture blueprints from building things and one of the guides responded with info about hidden stat called Luck. I would like to know if it really exists and how it works. Is it something that gets generated during the character creation and never changes so if you are "unlucky" you are screwed or is it stat that changes (daily for example). Is there a way to modify it by keeping certain items in your packs (lucky horseshoes ;-).... I myself had a problem with wainwright blueprints. I got my Wainwright skill up to 90 and could not build a simplest cart which was very disappointing. Does it mean that my "hidden stat" Luck is low and I need to find a way to fix it? Thanks.
    Luck is a hidden stat that does affect many actions. All players start with neutral luck. Luck increases when you pass a 'luck check'. It decreases when you fail. It reflects your real luck at these 'luck check' rolls. It does balance out and some players are lucky while others are not.

    Luck is affected slightly by Charm and we will have items in the future that will increase luck.

    Another question about armor defensive bonuses. I heard this question asked by many new players: which armor is better grass or cloth? There seems to be a consensus amongst older players that bone is the best then leather but opinions differ whether cloth or grass is next.

    So is it:

    bone > leather > cloth > grass or
    bone > leather > grass > cloth ?

    bone > leather > cloth > grass
    This depends on the quality and wear of the armor.

    Also since the quality affects defensive bonus that armor provides is the low quality bone still better than high quality leather?
    A new supreme quality set of leather can provide more bonus than a worn lowest quality set of bone armor, but in general bone > leather > cloth > grass does apply.

    Would it be hard for you to implement a display for each armor piece of the exact defensive bonus that it provides (kind of like you display stat bonus on the armor when hovering mouse over the piece)? That would help people figure out which armor they want to wear and also give us an idea of what defensive bonus we get from it. The total bonus from all armor displayed on the character screen would also be nice. People like seeing these numbers. Keeping them in the dark and constantly guessing is not a good idea. Thank you.
    I am considering this, but not as a current priority. I realize that many players like to see the numbers. I personally don't and it's something I wanted to avoid. Howerver, the game does evolve and adjust based on what players want.

    Case study: I have basketry at 92.3, Agility 94.3, Spirit 24.0 and Foraging 84.4. I can gather VHQ grass but I am unable to produce VHQ grass twine from them. Where is the problem? I assumed that having very high basketry level should be good enough but it is not. Is it my "hidden stat" Luck affecting me or my low Spirit?
    This is a problem with objects created without tools and is being revised in our current round of development.
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    Questions For the Developers 09/01 Through 11/16

    Drevar Asks:
    I noticed a lot of the new armor/tool templates were dumped on Test in incomplete form (the web update interrupted development there.) Will basketry armor also be updated as part of the new revisions? Also, will the crafted grass fabric vs scavenged grass fabric (in multiple colors, with camo bonus and only useable in tailoring patterns) issue be resolved?

    Basketry armor, and all armor sets will have artisan and master versions. There will be new female armor sets (cloth and leather).

    The confusion between crafted and found grass fabric will be resolved.

    I don't know how many times I have already asked this in the past 2 years but I'll ask again: Will wood types be getting individual bonuses with this update?

    Most likely not. This is planned primarily for when we can implement furniture.

    Geozen Asks:
    [QUOTE]I would really like to know when grass will start growing again, or if we will be getting the ability to plant grass seed with the Foresting skill soon. It's making me really paranoid that I'm going to destroy the landscape.[/QUOTE]
    We don't have a set time for this right now. It was implemented but caused server problems so it's currently turned off until we can optimize the system.

    Morphinehit Asks:

    Was just wondering if there has been any progress on the HP regeneration in the game. The downtime after fights is probably the only thing that actually annoys me at the moment. Even if faster health regen means having to eat a particular type of rare herb which must be gathered, I still reckon it would be a major plus to the gameplay.
    Health regeneration was recently increased. This will be addressed further when cooking is patched out.

    Willowhawk Asks:
    Will we be seeing a use for Basalt bricks any time in the near future? I have a project in mind that I would like to build with these darker bricks =)
    We'll see. If we can increase the size of our team we will be adding more architecture parts in 2013.

    Azzym Asks:
    I have read somewhere that you plan to implement PhysX for better collision handling. I can't spot it on the "In Development" list. Is that change so small that it warrants no spot on the list or is it included with something else in that list, like archery?
    This is a big change and is in progress. It will first affect collision and later be used for improved effects. The first implementation (in progress) won't be noticed until we fully revise the collision system to use Phys-X and that will happen after the current round of development listed.

    With the coming armor makeover. Will stats like Damage Bonus and camoflage actually work?
    Yes. All stat bonuses are being revised.

    It seems like the current round grows (from what I remember) and that we never get to the attractive cooking/archery skills. Do you have an estimate on when you will be able to work on the next/coming round of features?
    Cooking will be part of this round or shortly after. I can't give any time estimates as a lot depends on raising funds to expand our team over the next month and a half.

    zoria Asks:

    How is Kickstarter going, any clue about when it is going to take place? Is there any reason for current members to invest into Xsyon for that matter?
    It's ready but was held off for tax reasons. There are many rewards that should interest current players from small Xsyon memorabilia to assisting with new object design.

    As for the coming patches, is there an ETA for it?
    I can't give any ETA at the moment.

    fatboy21007 Asks:

    when will decorations, Porchs be ingame? Also any chance of a function to pick our totem up? (ie instead of disbanding we can pick it up, move to a new home, stick it back down, ill assume it will have a 6 hours or heck mb even 30day timer on it)
    As above, I can't give an ETA. These things are not in our current development schedule.

    Koll Asks:
    1 Question: Farming and subsquently Brewing Booze, when ?
    As above, I can't give an ETA. Farming is planned for after the current crafting and materials revisions.

    Thorbrand Asks:
    I need to know what is the current active population in the game? I want to come back and bring a few friends with but if there is no one playing no one will want to pay no matter how fun the game is.
    Slightly over 300 active players. The active population has been slowly rising since mid September.

    Thanks for the questions! Sorry for the delay on this round. These past two months have been hectic for me personally and with preparing for the future of Xsyon.

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    Questions For the Developers 11/17 Through 11/30

    Koll Asks:
    Hello Xsyon ! Will we be able to attach carts to Mounts ?
    This will depend on if we meet our current fund raising goals through Kickstarter and other sources. If we do, yes. If not, mounts will first be released without the ability to pull carts.

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    Questions For The Developers 12/01 Through 12/18 2012

    severin Asks:

    1) Are there any plans to make scavengeable items more limited in-game in order to force more trade and interaction between players and tribes?
    Yes, this is part of the crafting update. We have a new tool available that allows us to re-distribute resources visually. Scavenged resources will be more regional, in particular material of items found.

    2) Are there any plans to not have newly planted and spawned trees make new saplings and perhaps also not able to harvest resources from them?
    Yes, only mature trees will spawn saplings in the next patch. Resources will be properly limited from saplings with the crafting and resource changes.

    3) Is there any estimated time on when logs not under roof will have a decay timer?
    Sorry, I don't have an estimated time for the release of any features or changes.

    Nephilum Asks:

    1) Will we be able to transfer ownership of constructed structures?
    Yes. We have a Real Estate system that allowed for this. The system was tested and almost ready for release last February or March. It was delayed because there were some potential conflicts with tribe permissions and abandoned buildings. We'll return to the Real Estate system after the current crafting changes and bug fixes are done.

    2) For homesteaders it would be nice to be able to set usage permissions on gates similar to the lock features on canopy. Is this planned for the future?
    Yes, it's planned for when we revisit the Real Estate system.

    3) Many of us have alts, good friends or even family members we play with. Will it possible to designate people on your friends list as siblings, parent or other significant family member and provide that as a separate permission group for existing lock/permission mechanics?
    As I understand, this would be a 'best friends' list. Yes, this is possible and I've put it on our suggestion list.

    4) Regrowth of grass, forest floor... is there an eta on this? I know there are issues to be resolved for this to work correctly however is this on the list of items to be patched in soon or will this be delayed pending kickstart success?
    No ETA on this.

    Vadio Asks:

    1) have plan to add any structure decay? (to keep everyone login or don't made big castle without people to keep in?)
    I'm considering a system of decay where all structures on active tribe land can be preserved by 'feeding' appropriate materials to the totem.

    2) Like know plans to made people keep login without pvp or pve
    Both are currently available in game. We're going to do another round of creature balancing in January and increase the maximum amount of creatures in game.

    3) Possibility to tribe archive one big goal ( no just big castle or city , because all here do same , i thing one unique )
    4) World Boss? or any other group stuffs can need coordinate group to build/kill/craft or whatever
    I think these are a combined question. Larger goals such as epic quests that would require a tribe or team to act together were planned for when we could expand our development team and game. This isn't going to happen any time soon.

    There are currently creatures that require players to band together to kill, basically 'world bosses'.

    5) Just more structures and ruins from "old world" or start call this game "4000 A.C Game"
    Old world structures were not intended for the Prelude.

    Zola Asks:

    1) Will there be an ETA for when we are able to build a farm or tame animals to breed them?
    2) Any ETA on planting grass? Or a possibility for terraformed regions (the grey area's) made green again?
    Sorry, no ETA on any features.

    3) Will the animals contain special stats or conditions like some are more durable against weather or sickness?
    Possibly. Creatures do have different stats right now, but not what you are describing.

    4) Will we be able at some point to destroy existing fireplaces not covered by Totems?
    Yes. This should be possible now. I've made a note to look into this and fix it this week if it's not working properly.

    5) When we are able to breed and tame animals, do we have to feed them and will chickens leave eggs for us?
    You will have to feed them. Yes on chickens laying eggs.

    6) Are there any plans relating to be able to pledge beside Kickstarter for Xsyon: Apocalypse via PayPal on the main page for rewards?
    Yes, we will set up fund raising directly on this site after Kickstarter runs its course.

    tomduril Asks:

    Have you thought about pushing the reputation of Xsyon at the different mmo/sandbox oriented sites?

    From my point of view you have created something quite unique, there are an awful lot of sandbox projects currently in the making (but not running) - however Xsyon unique "selling point" is that it *is* running (not a promise) - it is (for me) the perfect example for a sandbox game - and it is not a *promise*, but reality. I do not think that the small dev team is a down point - it is what it is - and being open about it will get you more sympathy - the problem I see at the moment with the attitude ppl have towards Xsyon is: "Too many promises, not enough fulfillment - probably the "ideas - plans" sound too much like promises and you have to be much more defensive about them.
    Definitely. We do what we can. I am personally not going to post on other sites. I don't have enough time and I know it would be a thankless task of combating trolls. Thank you for your comments. You are right, I always post plans and what's in progress here on these forums and these are plans, not 'promises'.

    We do have some players that regularly post in support of Xsyon on other forums. If you would like to join in, please contact us via support.

    Please state your plans towards cooking?
    Cooking is planned as a flexible system where players will be able to add primary and secondary ingredients. Cooked food will provide buffs. The ingredients used will determine the buff type, power and duration. The higher your cooking skill, the more ingredients you can use (and the more powerful buffs the resulting food will provide).

    Willowhawk Asks:

    1) I noticed that Mutants as well as Revenants do not seem to grow beyond a certain size/HPs unless they make kills. Is this working as intended or should Mutant animals be growing on their own?
    Yes, this is working as intended. Revenants grow in power only when they make kills. Mutants that have reached the maximum age also only increase their power with more kills.
    2) Any plans to give us a "Duel" mode? This would allow tribes to hold tournaments within our tribes as well would allow people to compete without being sent back to their totem when they lose
    Duel modes was part of the original design many years ago. It's still on our list, but not planned for any time soon.

    3) I thought I read somewhere that the free trial on the main server is only going until kickstart ends, is this correct? If not would it be possible to have some designation on the totem showing status as trial or subbed account? Without this it's hard to know who is contributing to tribe size and in fairness the available building space should be reserved for those who are contributing to the tribal territory.
    4) In addition, are there any plans to enhance the tribe totem interface so we know when a tribe member joined and when they last logged in? This would help with allocating tents and living quarters, building permissions on tribe land and when to retrieve an abandoned cart among other things.
    Free time on the main server will continue beyond January 1. Yes, I'm considering ways for tribes to clearly see what tribe members are recently active and full 'citizens' contributing to the tribe radius.

    Thanks for the questions!

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    Questions For The Developers 12/19/2012 Through 01/13/2013

    thepreston Asks:

    What effect, if any, does food and water meter have on anything?

    I've heard many different things including energy use per action, energy recovery, skill gain rate, and exp gain rate.
    There are several people who say that food and water have no effect whatsoever, and if it does, it is so little that it makes the effort put into carrying food/water with you as you travel pointless (added weight < benefit of higher food and water meter).
    I would like this cleared up so the players don't have to argue and speculate as to the possible usefulness/uselessness of nutrition.
    Food and water affect energy regeneration rate. The magnitude of the effect will be revised as we are working on farming and cooking (work began a few days ago as the trade functions at totems are being wrapped up).

    How are scavenged resources distributed in a general sense?

    I'm finding that as long as I stay in 1 spot, or travel along 1 pre-set path/line, I tend to get the exact same items.
    Not (for example) 'plastic things in general' but like, '5 Long Plastic Poles' almost every single time when I stay in a small area.
    I know that resources are distributed by larger zones, so that 1 very large area may have a much better chance of finding rivets but a lower chance of finding screws, or vice versa, but being able to grab almost the exact same stuff in small areas makes no sense.

    I've had several people tell me they get similar items if they stay in small areas/paths on a particular junkpile, so I know its not just me.
    Resources are distributed per natural region (for example, Round Hill or Zephyr). What you describe sounds odd. Resources will be redistributed as part of the current round of development as we now have a much better visual tool to aid with this.

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    Questions For The Developers 01/14/2013 Through 03/06/2013

    ladguf Asks:

    The Field of view is MUCH too narrow and there is no way to change this on my side.
    It really feels awful for me - like looking through binoculars or wearing blinkers permanently. Is there any hope that this might be changed (soon ?) ?

    We may make this a setting in the future but not any time soon. We have other priorities and increasing the field of view would decrease game performance.

    booby_the_bird Asks:

    1. How does the skill cap act on a trial player? you get it to 30 and can keep leveling it but you don't get anything better than 30 unless you pay? Maybe you get 30 and it just keeps track of how much more levels and adds them when you buy the game? I'm not sure but I don't think all the exp you earn is just nullified.
    Any skill gain beyond 30 is nullified for trial players. The experience and skill use is not stored.

    2. What's up with regrowing grass? does grass that got depleted ever grow back? is it only those that have at least 1/4 grass left? This might be affected by the farming update that is coming up, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

    Depleted grass currently does not grow back, but grass growing will be part of the coming agriculture update.

    emprepus Asks:

    If I leave four skills in a category at 5.0 because I have the luxury of having companions having these maxed, will other skills start decaying at some point or will these four just continue to decay until they are negative and further?

    Other skills will decay unless they are locked. Skills do not decay below 5.0.

    MrDDT Asks:

    Care to explain "Totem Upkeep" you posted about in your update?

    The Totem Upkeep system will be posted in detail when we are ready to test, before the end of this week. In briefs players will need to upkeep totems with currency and resources in order for their tribe to function properly and with tribal bonuses.

    Corbies Asks:

    Would it be feasible, or at all possible for player trading posts? Or will it be forever bound to totems? I like the idea of there even being trade posts, for what it's worth, but it would be nice to have little outposts here and there.
    Yes, player Trade Totems (Trading Posts) are part of the next patch and are currently implemented on the Test Server. Trade Totems can be placed on your own tribe land and allied tribe land.

    lordadamar Asks:

    I Have seen several mentions of improving the construction system
    Currently we're not working on construction system improvements, but I will answer your questions. Revising construction with proper two story construction will require revising our collision system. This was started but stopped when we reduced the programming team to just me. It will be resumed whenever possible. The answers below apply for the future.

    1. Does this mean elevation buttons will work?

    2. Does this mean no more giant piles of dirt just to get height..
    No. I'm not planning to change the system of removing dirt with 'lower' and requiring dirt for 'raise'.

    3. Will we be able to build, houses like normal people from the ground up, instead of from max height Down...

    4. Will a Truss, beam, post system be put in to make multi-level buildings?
    There will be parts similar to the current roof frames, but without the roof in order to support multiple story floors.

    5. Will we be able to move ghosted items through or into each other to move things around, really hate the Blah blah is in the way.. and sometimes I just want it to meld together not sit next to each other..
    Likely yes for moving 'ghosts' but not for melding parts together.

    6. Will it ever be changed so that you can Directly place Dirt into a bin thats in a cart, It will not let you, has to be entire basket with dirt in it from your person, it wont let your just place 20 dirt in the bin in the cart? seems odd.
    Dirt needs revised, but I need to think through the details. Dirt was not meant to be easily disposed. When we added carts, the system got complicated and needs to be improved. We'll see.

    I also saw building Decay, will this be handled with tribe totem and money/mats or will we have to individually maintain each piece...
    Buildings will not require individual maintenance. Building will be kept up through the Main Totem using the upkeep system using resources and currency.

    Will decaying building piece have a visual indicator, ( like smoldering ), I remember in Shadowbane things smolders and smoked...
    I would like to have visual building wear and decay, but it's currently not feasible.

    Any plans to add hire-able NPC's to aid in tribe maintenance and maybe have them say what they need or the cost of doing what they did... I dont wanna remove all the work from the player but with all the plans to make everything Decay, even base tribes could become overwelming...
    No plans to add NPCs. Town maintenance should not be overwhelming.

    Deacon asks:

    1. What's current status of "PhysX" engine/sofware you were going to integrate ?
    On hold until I can afford to re-hire programmers.

    2. What happens to totems/tribe lands and structures on subscribed accounts that arent.....upkept?

    Nothing unless the tribe becomes abandoned. The Upkeep system in progress will be required for a tribe to function correctly but will not affect buildings.

    OrlandoKev asks:

    In regards to stats, does having higher than 100 have any extra effect, example, in my charm suit i am at 112 charm, is it wasted stat on my suit, or does the extra 12 points over 100 help me when scavenging.

    Stats above 100 do have an extra effect, but depends on the stat and skill. Part of the current revisions for the upcoming big patch include revised armor sets and effects for all stats beyond 100 will be ensured to have value.

    shyhawk Asks:

    IS there going to be a Donate to game button. I know not many would use this but it could be helpful and maybe allow the game to make more profit. The more money that is made equals faster the game can grow and the more content we get. The bigger this game is the more chances it has to get noticed by more people. I don't know if a donation button would help a lot but I know if I had some extra money laying around that I would gladly donate it to a game I love to help it grow.

    There will be in the future. Right now the few players that want to donate can do so directly to our PayPal account (and a few have). Players can contact support and we gladly accept!

    Thanks for the questions!

    Last edited by Xsyon; 03-11-2013 at 10:57 PM.

  10. #80
    Questions For The Developers 03/06/2013 Through 03/11/2013

    Willowhawk Asks:

    When agriculture comes in will we have more freedom to plant near buildings and structures than we currently have with tree planting? I tried planting on test server and since the first action "Plowing" seems to use the same basic concept as terraforming I was not allowed to plow near objects. Also when planting I received the same message as with trees "Named Object" is in the way. It would be very useful if we could plant up against our buildings since that is where we have an abundance of open dirt lol, as well I have tribe members who would like to create gardens outside of their homes.
    Yes, this can be adjusted. What you've seen so far is the first step towards agriculture. We'll ask for more feedback after the Totem and Upkeep improvements are finished.


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