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    Questions For The Developers 05/01/2014 Through 06/24/2014

    MrDDT asks:
    When cooking/farming is put on the live servers, do you plan on making changes to the survival/needs of people in game for food?
    Yes, the energy and life gain rates will be adjusted as food will affect both.

    jwjohnson1978 asks:
    Are there any plans to add different types of bone armor. ie.. starter/mid grade that uses round, flat, ribs from other animal types (dogs, coyote, etc)? It would be easier for new players that want to start hunting animals/revs to get into a set of heavier armor.

    Yes, I'm considering adding bone armor sets that use non specific bones or smalls from the mid size creatures. They won't be new armor looks though as we don't have the artists required to add completely new armor sets though. They would the same as some current sets but with different properties and material requirements.

    Also, are there plans to make human bones available? Gutting Revs maybe? There's a lot of bone armor I'd like to make, but no resources.
    Yes, it's on my long to do list to add human bones from revenants when they are dealt a final blow (killed where they won't re-spawn.

    Glorp asks:
    Will Human Bones be harvest-able from revs in the future and will there be stats added to them?
    Yes, both have been on my list for a long time. There are just other priorities right now.
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