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    Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    Hello, I' intend on pre-ordering within the next week.. Just wondering if there are any tribes that are stable, have atleast 5 members.. We need 10 for a tribe? and is overall mature.. and has ventrilo, talking with a mic is a MUST for me, can't stand to be on the computer without anyone to talk to.

    I'm 16, and I'm pretty mature. (No Squeaky voice I assure you)

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    My tribe will be neutral, but you can still go evil if you want. We're going to have vent and I have a mic, I'm thirteen but I don't have a squeaky voice, I can get on a vent server to show you I don't.
    My tribe is called "The Toxic Brotherhood" I have a post in this section on it, go check it out if you wish.

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    What if someone is mature, say 25 years old and has a squeaky voice?

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    The United Survivor Republic is always looking for members if you don't mind us currently being below the 5 members limit. Can't build up without people joining, eh?

    We're more of a lawful evil group, but as long as you claim your actions as your own we won't have a problem with you being evil. I'm going to work on getting a ventrilo server closer to the release of the game as well.

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    I am also looking for a Evil tribe , there seems to be way to many good tribes out there for the start of the game.

    The likes of Rura thinking they can build an empire with out being griefed are sorely mistaken ! long live PKers

    You will be happily farming your mats and the next thing you know there will be reds all over you .... also any Evil guild thats struggling for members i have many mates ready to join a good leader and we are all on vent .. cant wait to see you fellow PKers in game.

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    I think you will be surprised, Triphead. Most people hate griefers, like most other games other players will band together to get rid of them.

    As far as clans go there aren't any actual evil ones so far that I know of. The closest you'd get, however, is the United Survivor Republic. We're 'neutral' - We're fixing this world, for our use, regardless of the effect on other clans

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    I use the term griefer in a loose sense of the word ... tho thier are tribes who are aiming to be big so there for they will be offering alot of fresh meat.

    well lets see how things pan out as for now i will be advising my mates to keep a close on on your tribe and looks the best bet so far.

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    Re:Looking for tribe.. evil ish?

    Alright. Let me know via PM if you want to talk.

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