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    Bug at Ritual Spear

    So it seems like nobody postet it, so i quickly do it, if itīs not allready known.

    4 Days ago we tryed to craft with a wood crafter 3 Ritual Spears, 2 guys try to equiq them. The first one draw it directly on the Avatar for auto equiq at the Cloth Equiqment area, and the spear dissepeared completly.

    The second one had a full armor , draw the spear on his avatar for auto equiqment (in the inventory screen) and reportet that his Helmed dissepeared and the slot was empty after that.

    I am not sure if its still a problem, just in case i report it.

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    You shouldn't be able to equip a Ritual Spear, is is not a weapon, but a tribal decorative item. Eventually you will be able to place them with in your tribal area.

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