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    Multiple bugs appeared overnight

    1) I can't play more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time without crashing. Usually I will play for around 10 minutes, crash, log back in, crash two or three more times at 1 to 3 minute intervals, then not crash again for another ten minutes. I don't get any error messages.

    I'm not certain, but the crashing SEEMS to happen more frequently when I'm moving. In particular it seems to happen when I move from one terrain type to another type which uses a different footstep sound, IE grass to junk pile or road. However, if I wait long enough I will also crash while standing still.

    2) This started more recently than the crashing. I can't seem to move items around in my inventory slots anymore. If I try to move some items to an empty inventory slot they apperas to "duplicate," so that there is now an icon for the item in both the slot it used to be in and the slot I tried to move it to. This "duplication" is also shown on my character model. Logging out and in again seems to reverse this effect, but leaves the item where it was originally. I've observed this effect on a Standard Pick and a Stabby Combat Knife. However, if I try to move a fishing rod to an empty slot, I get a "You can't equip this there" message.

    If I try to swap two equipped items, IE knife and fishing rod or pouches, I either get a "You can't equip this there" message or an "Invalid inventory request" error.

    3) When I try to pick up a container, it will sometimes say "invalid inventory request." The rest of the time, even though I pick it up and it appears in my backpack, it is also still visible on the ground. It can still be selected so that it shows the selection ring around it, but no identifying text appears in the window, and it cannot be interacted with.

    4) Possibly related to bug 3. When I try to place a container, it is removed from my inventory but doesn't appear in the world until I log out and in again.

    5) I can't see what I say in general chat. I CAN see what other people say, and others can see what I say, and I can see what I say in whispers and help messages.

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    Reminder, if you have not done so already, it is a very good idea to submit your bugs to so the receive the proper attention.

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    Yep. I'm posting here mainly to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

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    Are you a window xp user?
    I know someone who uses xp and get same bugs

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    I'm using Win7. However, the last update fixed all of these problems. Thanks, Xsyon team!

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