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    With this 800x600 resolution you can't read text and details in some pictures are hard to make out. I don't understand why we can't just use photobucket. I've images still active on their site from 4yr's past. All you've really got to do is save them off the link anyhow + I do not enjoy resizing images nor am I skilled image editing.

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    We have increased the upload size to 878kb and the dimensions to 1280x1040.

    For resizing images this new max image size allows for a wide range of other sizes. To set the image at a proper size, preferably 1024x768, you can set your game resolution then just push print screen and there you go, no editing required.

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    Nice; Can you allow .jpg formats to be uploaded? Only .jpeg are allowed. I don't understand the differences, and when I switch formats in my editor jpeg are named jpg less I put the ext. onto filename it took me a few to figure out why I could not upload initially.

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    Thought I had, let me double check.

    Must of disabled it during my wanderings, re-enabled

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