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    The Brotherhood of Change

    The Brotherhood of Change - (BoC)

    Quick Note: To make a recruitment application to the Brotherhood of Change please scroll to the bottom of the post. Once you make the application we will organize a time to get together on the tribe's Ventrilo server and have a casual chat.

    Recruitment Status: OPEN

    Time Zone: The Brotherhood of Change will be an International Tribe and applicants from all over the world are welcome. We currently have members from Australia, Europe and The United States.

    Birth of the Brotherhood

    During the time of the Apocalypse war ravaged the land. A world built on the foundations of technology had collapsed upon itself and the greed and carelessness of Humanity had brought about its demise.

    From the embers and ashes of a scorched and ruined planet emerged the Brotherhood of Change. Having survived the chaos of the Apocalypse, the Brotherhood was formed in the belief that Humanities downfall was the catastrophic result of our own ignorance and defiance of the natural order. The Apocalypse like all things happened for a reason and it is now our task to rebuild our shattered world, change as a species and through evolution, succeed.

    The Council of Brothers

    The governing body within the Brotherhood of Change is called the Council of Brothers. It is formed by five Enclaves, each consisting of two Lectors and charged with governing certain aspects of the Tribe. The five Enclaves and their responsibilities within the tribe are;

    Internal Affairs: The Internal Affairs Enclave governs guidance of new players. They also govern tribe laws and the rights of tribe members; as such the Internal Affairs Enclave also deal with disputes and grievances within the tribe.

    The Military Enclave governs military defence and offence. They command the tribe’s fighters and are in charge of organising Internal and External military operations.

    Resource Management:
    The Resource Management Enclave governs the accumulation and distribution of tribe resources. They handle tribe contributions and oversee the utilization of tribe resources.

    The Expansion Enclave governs building construction, inter-tribe diplomacy and oversees the management of land. They work closely with Resource Management to moderate resource distribution for building and expanding.

    Economic: The Economic Enclave is responsible for Internal and External trade relations as well as assigning Crafting positions and works closely with Resource Management to moderate resource distribution to Crafters.

    In addition to these five Enclaves there is a Grand Lector. Elected from the ten Council members, the Grand Lector is the Tribe Leader and plays a vital role in all important issues and decisions within the Tribe. If at any time another Lector or tribe member does not agree with how something is done, he can call for the council to vote among the Lectors on the matter.

    Every month there will be an election in which the Lector may vote to keep or change the Grand Lector and any tribe members who has gained sufficient rank may nominate themselves as a candidate to become one of the ten Lectors. This allows the players within the tribe to truly progress within it and rewards players for hard work and dedication.

    The Democratic, Council structure within the Brotherhood of Change allows for the delegation of duties between tribe members. Not only does this reduces the individual responsibilities of the Tribe Leader but also involves other members in the decision making process and allows the Brotherhood a more unified structure.

    The ideals of the Brotherhood of Change

    The core ideals of the Brotherhood are Unity and Expansion. We will succeed in all endeavors we undertake and any field that our members wish to pursue is accepted and encouraged. The Brotherhood prides itself on loyalty, honestly and respect between tribe members.

    Tribe members are free to decide how they wish to progress their characters and are free to pursue any and all aspects of the game they wish to.

    It is, however encouraged, that there be at least one member within the tribe who is skilled in each different Crafting area. This allows the tribe a certain level of self sufficiency and allows the Brotherhood to flourish.

    Alignment of the Brotherhood of Change

    The Brotherhood of Change as a whole will be Lawful Neutral. We will have enemies just as we will have allies, we will wage war when necessary and fight to the death, likewise we make peace when appropriate to our ends and honor our agreements. We have our own laws that are followed within the tribe and our lands.

    The Cult of Change

    Within the Brotherhood of Change there also exists a subgroup known as the Cult of Change. The Cult of Change is a radical group who take the beliefs of the Brotherhood a step further. They believe that the Apocalypse was the wrath of the gods who saw Humanity as weak and attempted to wipe them from the Earth. But Humanity like cockroaches, survived.

    The Cult believe that through finishing the work of the gods, and ridding the world of those they deemed unworthy they will be blessed and ascend, or evolve, to a state of physical enlightenment.

    Please visit the following link to download the Book of Change and read more about the Cult of Change, their Story and their Ethos;

    Disclaimer: Joining the Cult of Change is an entirely optional part of the Brotherhood of Change. Those who join the Cult of Change are still regular members of the Brotherhood; they will simply have access to certain privileges within the Cult but will also be expected to maintain a mild level of character in regards to their actions in game as applicable to the Cults ethos. Role-playing is also greatly encouraged within the Cult of Change and allows for an interesting game play experience for those who wish to pursue it.

    Rules of the Brotherhood of Change

    There are certain rules that any member of the Brotherhood is expected to follow these rules are as follows.

    1. You must not kill another tribe member
    2. You must follow the orders of your superiors when possible
    3. Racism and what is deemed as excessive derogatory language will not be tolerated
    4. You must respect the property of the tribe and fellow tribesmen
    5. You must be honest and loyal to the Brotherhood of Change and your fellow tribesmen
    6. Tribe members must have access to a Microphone and Ventrilo and are expected to be on Vent when in game, even if that means being in a private channel
    7. Cheating or Hacking will not be tolerated

    Joining the Brotherhood

    The Brotherhood of Change is currently accepting membership applications through our tribe forums. We will be looking for members to fill the Lector positions as well as players who just wish to be regular tribesmen. The position of Grand Lector and Tribe leader will be voted on upon the official release of Xsyon and once all the Lector positions have been filled. This will ensure that members have a chance to get to know one and another before a Tribe Leader is elected.

    Applications can be made by visiting the following link:
    We currently have a tribe Ventrilo server and forums the tribes home page is currently being developed. The Ventrilo sever will be open to any members who joins the Brotherhood of Change from now on, so you may use it to meet the other tribe members and get to know each other before the game goes live!


    Current Tribe Positions

    Grand Lector- To be elected at a later date

    Internal Affairs Lectors-

    Military Lectors- (Currently Full)

    Expansion Lectors- (Currently Full)

    Resource Management Lectors-

    Economic Lectors-

    Regular tribesmen-

    Grand Cult Maledictor-

    Cult Justicar-

    Cult Chaplain-

    Regular Cultist-


    Through Change we conquer!

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    Ahoy there Edaw, I shall be spear heading the Cult of Change in all our fanatical and rightous glory!

    Out with the old, in with the new and all that...

    Grand Maledictor Kane Sharae reporting for duty.

    Do note that the "Kane" in my name is not the same Kane as in the "Prophet of Kane". I just named myself after my god... You know, as you do when you are an egotistical insane priest.

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    PsykieKILLA wrote:
    Ahoy there Edaw, I shall be spear heading the Cult of Change in all our fanatical and rightous glory!

    Out with the old, in with the new and all that...

    Grand Maledictor Kane Sharae reporting for duty.
    Glad to have you on board PsykieKILLA.

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    Change your name and its a good tribe.

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    You dont like the name?

    I think it fits perfectly.

    Or is it because you tribe is called the Toxic Brotherhood? lol

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    Spot on! I like to be the only one in things... Although I guess this is inevitable. My tribe was made first though, so I'm the original one! lol

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    Lol the fact we have Bortherhood in common doesnt matter, most tribes will have a collective word in there somewhere so it is inevitable.

    Im sure it wont matter at all.

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    The only original you are is the original troll Toxic -_-

    ya douche

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    No one cares for your opinions, stay in your own thread, i beg you.

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    Re:The Brotherhood of Change

    No offence to you guys but id like to keep this thread clear of spam. So could a moderator please remove the last two posts and this one as they are completely off the topic.

    EDIT: nvm dont worry about it, this is just keeping the thread bumped and giving it more replies people need only read the OP anyway.

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