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Thread: Log-in time

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    Log-in time

    I know there are a lot of things that needs to be loaded, but does anyone know if they are going to work on making logging-in quicker? It seems to take between 5 and 10 minutes.

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    5 and 10 min 0_o

    For me it takes 2 min at most. What are your computer specs and internet speed?

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    I have an i5 @2.40ghz, 4gb ram, Mobile Radeon 5780, 7200 rpm HDD, 3mb cable internet.

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    Takes me about 2 minutes on a QuadCore 3Ghz, although I've never actually timed it. It used to be longer, but a patch awhile back that stopped some assets from loading fixed that. Still takes a fair bit of time, but really, I don't find it TOO bad. I'd time it if I were you MrCalhou and see if it's real time or perceived time that's annoying you.

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    What is your operating system and what other programs do you have running at the same time? Do you use an unnecessary services eliminator like Game Booster? How full is your hard drive and do you defragment it on a regular schedule? Are you logging in to an area with many changes from the default, like terraforming or construction?

    From the login, clicking on login the average time till I see the game window is 40 seconds. (does not include launcher time)
    i7 2.67ghz, 6 GB ram, XFX Radeon 5850, Win 7 64, 1.5 TB 7200rpm HD, 3mb cable internet

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    Yeah, I'm logging in around round hill or something. Seems that a lot of construction is going on. I figured that that would be why it takes so long.

    And yeah, it's real-time not perceived time.

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    Loading is taking long for some players, depending on their ping to our servers. The main cause is all the terraforming that's been going on.

    This will be reduced greatly in about a week when we patch out the baked terrain on a daily basis.

    Thanks for reporting this. I did observe one of your logins through our server administrator panel and was able to see that the loading info was backing up a bit because of the amount of info. It will be better soon!

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    Preventing people from dropping a totem too close to starting areas might be a good idea.

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    Wus.. I liek teh loading screen.. Iz comfy and a bit paintbrush-style over it.

    I noticed that it's mostly Loading Zones that takes ages now. Probably all them buildings and terraformed land .

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