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    Red face Greetings!

    Hey there,

    Just signed up for the game, Xsyon sounds like it may be just the thing for me! I have been looking for a world that is actually affected by the players for some time now. I do have a few questions, though:

    What all can players do right now?

    What major features are not in yet but are definitely going in?

    Will it all go away at release?


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    right now players can: terraform, fish, leathercraft, bone craft, mason, that arch word can't spell it so just say make buildings lol, tailor, basketry, grass building, and so forth just gotta explore there is stuff to apoint to do but it will all stop and u will have to work on some type of craft. Ok next there is still not alot in but u will have to check through out the forums for all that stuff to much to list. And as far as release goes there's gonna be aleast 1 more wipe before release but remember playing now helps the dev's and also gives ya the skills to know how to do everything when game is released

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