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Thread: Game world map?

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    Game world map?

    I've looked around and I haven't found a good one. There's one map that is an edited version of the actual Lake Tahoe basin; however, through some work with Google Maps as well as some exploring of my own I've learned that the Xsyon world, while it is BASED on geographical surveys, is not a very accurate reflection of the actual geography of the area. Distance scales relative to the real world are not constant at all, and many locations have been moved (IE, the actual town of Genoa is not in the mountains, but the zone of Genoa is ON a mountain). PLEASE NOTE that I am not complaining because I want the game to be closer to reality. There is nothing wrong with the game not being identical to the actual region. My point here is that any maps based on the actual Lake Tahoe basin will be of limited use.

    So, if anyone knows of a good and comprehensive Xsyon map, I would be very grateful if you could post a link to it here.

    Alternatively, does anyone know if anyone is working on such a map? I was surprised to find out that there wasn't an official map available, but I would assume this means that players are supposed to map the game world themselves, which will be extremely challenging without the use of in-game surveying equipment.

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    The area in Xsyon for Genoa is not the town but the mountain of Genoa Peak. Several of the mountains around the lake are named like this. Right now the focus is getting the game features running properly for launch. I expect at sometime in the future there will be an artist drawn map for the game.

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    Alright, I just found that confusing because the game has a zone called Genoa and also another zone adjacent to it called Genoa Peak.

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    there is a zone map out but as far beyond that i have no idea on actually if there is any more descript maps but that is something i think if someone wants they should have to make it in game for themself, such as a mapmaker not something everyone should have

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