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    Question Questions for the week of 12/11 through 12/18

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    Hoping this will be ingame before you can answer.

    Foreseer asks:
    Will said Quest system be automated or will the Tribe leader be required to preform the tedious duty of finding items, counting items, and rewarding after players complete them?
    Xsyon said:
    It will be automated as described above, but the rewards will have to be gathered before placing them into a quest. Any tribe members given quest creation permissions will be able to create quests.
    I understand the concept of a automated quest reward system, But have to wonder about what happen when the quest giver has asked for 10 long logs. After clicking the quest totem to pick up your quested items. Do they stack beside you right there? or Will we be able to move them in a stacked ghost form to our stuckpile yard?

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    Will there be any indicator of a tribe's or a player's alligment ? It would be nice to know when we walk into the territory of a tribe if that tribe is evil or good.

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    - Will you change the way we see player floating names (and NPC animals too, but my concern is mainly with players) so that you only see the name above the player's head WHEN you are aiming at them? What about the colors, will we get different name colors (the grey one we have now makes it very difficult to see it at times) or different colors depending on alligment (Pk, neutral, tribes at war, friends, etc)?

    What I want to know is if we will get a system similar to Darkfall or Mortal online, so that you can use cover and sneaking methods to approach players, cities etc without them seeing suddenly a floating player name showing behind a tree (which breaks immersion in my opinion )

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    Will stealing ever be implemented in the game or is it already planned?

    Will there be drugs? If so, will it give us any effects, benefits, or consequences?

    Will livestock reproduce on their own?

    Will we be able to create our own religions or will we have to select from a variety of preassigned religions?

    Will there be alcohol? If so, will it give us any effects, benefits, or consequences?

    Will animals and livestock have meters like we do that we must help adjust? Will they be visible?

    Will tracking ever be implemented in the game or is it already planned?

    Will paving ever be restricted for masons only?

    Will buildings affect comfort?

    Will animals undergo a growing process?

    Will fires affect comfort?

    Will livestock require us to nurture them?

    Will the quality of an object be a number like in Wurm Online, or will it be ranked by color like in a MMORPG?

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    Good, Neutral, and Evil factions Trading

    I'm pretty sure that good and neutral factions can trade, I'm also pretty sure that neutral and evil factions can trade, But will good and evil factions be able to trade?

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    I've noticed the /g (Guild) chat. What are your plans for Guilds?

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    Can we have the option to turn off floating names, the circles underneath npcs and objects, and the targetting glow?

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    What are your plans for combat? Are we going to get skills or power like moves?

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