So I started trying to line up the Xsyon world with the Lake Tahoe region from Google maps, and I developed a hunch. It looks like all (or at least most) of the junk piles in the game correspond to places where there are cities, towns, or some form of building in the present real world. The big clue I got was when I went to the edge of the fog on the east side of the map to see if I could see any of Carson City, the closest major urban area to Lake Tahoe. I was disappointed when all I could see was a massive wasteland of junk with lots of streets cutting through it. Later, it occurred to me that that wasteland was pretty well lined up with where Carson City should be. Maybe it's not just a placeholder, and that's actually what's left of Carson City? If we can get a confirmation on this it could be useful information for planning tribal settlements, since we'll have some ability to predict where junk piles will be.