I've started making a map of Xsyon in Google Maps. Basically what I want to do is place a map marker roughly in the center of each named region/location in the game. I would also like to eventually determine which roads are intact in the Xsyon world, and trace those on the map to distinguish them from roads that no longer exist in Xsyon.

The map is far, far from complete. I've got markers placed for all the starter locations, although most of them currently are only rough estimates. The ones with question marks after them are particularly uncertain. Glendale, for example, SEEMS to correspond with the Glenbrook area, although Glendale is also a street in Reno.

Please post if you have a new marker to add, or know a more accurate position for an existing marker.

The most helpful information you can give is by right clicking the location on the map where the marker needs to be placed or moved to, and selecting the "What's here?" option. This will display a set of coordinates for that point, which you can then post here or in a comment on the map itself if you have a Google account. Relative adjustment are also useful.

I've found that the Other >> Terrain map mode is the most useful, as it includes name text for geographical features as well as numerical elevation indicators. Satellite mode is also useful because it shows the locations of buildings.