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    Take this with a grain of salt

    And not meant to be offensive.....

    but is this game remotely playable yet?

    I preordered this game in APRIL, and it was just .... like 5% of a completed game.

    Its now december, and obviously still not released. Whats up with everything?

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    They just gave us the ability to have all crafts, so it's playable now.

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    If you thought the game was 5% completed at that time, then its about 20% completed now.

    My opinion, in its current state, I would say its not fun and I wouldnt bother. Having said that, I expect that to change in JAN.

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    Can always redownload it and try it out for yourself.

    if by remotely playable you are referring to the tons of connection bugs they have been taken care of.

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    My plan is to give it a fair shot when its done , or nearing done. We were lead to believe before preordering in april that that was the case. Which it so obviously wasnt.

    Again, not to be rude in any manner, but I didnt pay money and preorder, to alpha test for you. I preordered to play a game that was supposedly launching in May. Those that are willing to pay to alpha, power to them. I am not. However, I did pay and preorder, thus giving me the right to ask, how is it coming along? What state realisticly are we at?

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    All crafting skills are in, there are huge amount of different recipes. You can hunt animals, skin them, you can fish, gather materials, forage, make fire, cooking isn't in yet. Hunger and thirst affects your character, you gain back stamina much slower if you are hungry. Some of the tribe features are already in, some of them are coming with the next update. You can set up a tribe camp by placing the totem, build buildings ( mostly different type of tents, fences and walls) and you can terraform inside your tribe area. Tribe ranks and player made quests are coming with the next update.

    The game is definitely playable now, way more features are in than were in April, when there were nothing but PvP and cutting trees. If you would like to try it when its nearly done I suggest you to wait for the next patch, I think it will add almost everything they plan to have by launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia View Post
    you gain back stamina much slower if you are hungry.
    Thats now how it works. Decay is slower for energy use, but not slower regen. (which I think it should be both).

    I thought the game was playable before. You are talking about all these things that have been added, but really most of those were in just not fully in before.

    The game is boring right now for a few reasons, but like I said I expect that to change with the next major update. I would not tell people to come play this game in this state and then have them leave for good. Because they were told that "Yes its all in and working" when first its not all in, and second not all of it is working. I would rather them keep waiting for when they will join in and have a great time and go "WOW its come so far", rather than start now and go say "Yep just as bad as before".

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