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    Roads my thoughts on them.

    Let me start of by saying, I love how roads work in game, and the idea behind them. BUT (always a but in there right?) they could be better.

    Right now, I dont see people using roads like they should be. They should be a trade route, and you should take them even if they are sorta out of the way.

    People dont even bother with them because they are not useful enough. Granted we are just on foot, but I would like to see the roads that are not player made, have more of an effect on travel. I would also like to see them have more of an effect on travel once we start getting carts and other things like it.

    Right now they are better (about 10% better than player made ones, and about 20% better than grass), but still not really useful enough because that small amount of gain is lost with the fact they dont go where you want them to go at all.

    Now why do I want roads better? Well I want people to use them for travel, trade routes and a way to get around the world at a much faster pace. Also other aspects of the game come up with, bandits hi-jacking people on these roads. Or towns (tribes) building a network with roads in mind.

    How to fix this system?
    Well I think start by adding roads should get a small boost to speed (yes I know they are already faster than anything else) by about 10%, plus it should scale much better when you carry weight. Like if you are 50% to 25% you should be at normal grass moving speed. Every 10% over after that you lose 5% movement speed on a road.
    Right now if you are at 100% weight you are around 150% slower, but if you were on a road like that you would only be 50% slower.
    This would make road travel used a LOT more for traders and people moving heavy items. Which in turn sets up a nice trading route.

    Anyways, I would like to see it in game. Dont forget tribes can ONLY make roads in their totem areas, so these roads would be limited. Players really wouldnt be making most of these roads.

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    From the most recent patch notes, looks like you got what you wanted, at least mostly I think.

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    Thanks Xsyon. =P

    Great update, and good job also on the invalid issues. 0 for me still.

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    Dec 13th 2010 Update
    - You can now extend roads off of tribal lands. Roads can be built anywhere as long as you are connecting to an existing road. Roads will soon have greater effect on movement and reduce the effects of encumbrance.
    After testing roads more, I have found that they are worse than before the update.
    I have a loop I have been testing the last week on, thus I use a stopwatch for my sprinting times, and running times. For skill gains, speed and energy loss.
    Before I could sprint the whole loop. Now I can only sprint about 3/5ths of it. The speed is slightly slower I believe (I cant tell for sure because I cant sprint the whole thing, but if going by the 1/2 way mark it would take me about 2mins and 15 seconds what before would have taken me 2mins and 5 seconds.) the only thing that has changed is the fact that I have about 7 points higher running which should have lowered the effect of sprinting not made it worse.

    I will submit it as a bug report if others find this to be true also.

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