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Thread: Cash and Value

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    Cash and Value

    Heya folks,
    Super plused to see the addition of cash,
    Any sandbox needs a base monitary...
    Only problem is there is no base for value of items...

    Let me explain...

    Spooner full set, easiest to make (lvl 25) has no diff from South Camp (lvl70) yes, in crafting took hours to make my South Camp...looks bad ass.. but testes with diff in defence bare/ lvl 70 armour...

    Same joke with weapons... we can kill a bear just as fast with a craft weapon as we can with a fishing rod....gained the teeth needed for South Camp Cowboy Hat with a fishing rod.

    Insted of giving us all the craft skills, give us the mathematics on bonus's

    Ps. Thx for the "All skill adj" <Can test all the unwanted big time.

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    Right now, I think they have us turned all the way up in combat, So yea, Fishing rod kills. They will be working on this soon I think/hope.

    Sorry to be the one to tell ya, But we will not be getting the stats straight from the manufacturer, The player base will have to run test and find out for themselves. But we can't do that right now, Because every thing is not turned on and/or is not ingame as it will be at game launch day. We have a lot of stuff ingame as stand ins for now. Like combat, fishing. , And hopes that crafting will get much love as well.

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