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    Resourcing & Scavenging Skill

    Currently, every action in the game has an associated skill increase; Every action except Resourcing, at this point I prefer not to resource scraps and ext. Resourcing feels like a wasted action should you not need for your own craft. Thusly I propose that Resourcing and Scavenging be combined.

    This Tweak will:
    A: Improve Resourcing
    B: Make scavenge action feel less repetitive.

    Ways to possibly Implement:
    A: Skill req to use Scavenge action, Say 25+
    B: Skill increases resource & scavenge yield
    C: Less common resources appear more often (Flint, Quartz, ext.)
    D: Less common fabrics appear more often (Silk, Velvet, ext.)
    E: Some resources have a higher skill requirement.(While attempting to gather Tar with X skill you gather dirt instead.)

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    If you were to make resourcing a skill, it should be different than scavenging. If you're gonna combine them, then what would happen with fishing and foraging?

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    I like the second part, but I dont think we should merge them just put in another skill for somethings.

    One thing I dont like is how long it takes to gather stuff, and it never gets faster due to the fact there is no skill with it.

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