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    Prelude spawns and player number

    There is not enough players to make this game viable in terms of alignment without a forced way.

    Perhaps a good/neutral/evil spawn zone ?

    Also tribes need a way to have their tribe in the spawn zone and also the alignment should be displayed next to the tribe name in the spawn list.

    I guess people will grief this with second accounts and spy's but that's more money for Xsyon i guess.

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    Let the tribe leader make a secret phrase that you can enter on character creation to place you with your intended tribe. That way you won't get griefers randomly adding themselves to your tribes.

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    Their will be tribal spawns in the future, Xsyon had mentioned that he is looking at this for tribes to recruit and a new player be able to spawn right in the tribal zone on beginning.

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    Make one intem called runestone , before final wipe you going to site and put cords your wish after login in game use intem and go to desire location
    (avaible only pre order)

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