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    How did you hear about Xsyon?

    How did you find Xsyon? And how do you usually find games?

    Here is how I found this game... Someone mentioned the game to me, in Vent. Then, I Googled it. How about you?

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    Darenkel told me about it.

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    Few years ago a few of the guys were telling me about it. Acer, Virtus, Jordi, Dio.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darenkel View Post
    And how do you usually find games?
    Normally, I look around, GOOGLE, Ten Ton Hammer, talk to people in games that I like. Things like Wurm Online, Darkfall Online, Shadowbane. Ive been gaming for about 16 years now online. Started with UO beta with MMO's but I was even on BBS's gaming.
    I keep updated on most games out there through many sites. Even look at the dev sites to check what devs are doing what. I like to follow a few of them on what they are into now.

    You didnt answer your second part of your own question.

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    I was listening to a MMOV podcast show, When Cindy started talking about a new game that just popped up, And then she started talking about the feature list. I did a fast google right then, And went over the feature list myself. Signed up and sub in less than an hour of hearing about the game for the first time.

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    Sadly, I heard about it from the Roma Victor forums on =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darenkel View Post
    How did you find Xsyon? And how do you usually find games?
    I'm very interested in knowing this, as well.

    I'm actually putting together a list of sites that Xsyon would be able to gain new members from.

    I usually use,,, and for most of my searches. I need more site names because I know my list is far from complete...

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    Here are some of the ones I use

    Virginworlds (MMO/games Blogging site)
    MMO Voices (MMO/games Blogging site)

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    Heard about it through my guild and other members. As for places... Try Ten Ton Hammer as well.

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    I was trying to find a new sandbox game back in January, so googled for 'mmorpg' and sandbox, and found Xsyon homepage.

    I usually check, and massively

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    MMORPG.COM ROCKS!!! Thats how i found out

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