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    Running out of stamina while swimmimg

    What exactly happens when you run out of stamina while swimming? In the manual it says "...avoid running out of stamina in a body of water" but at the moment nothing seems to happen. Is something planned for later on?

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    You should drown

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    Agree ^

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    I guess if you run 100% out ya. But I dont think if you stand still treading water that you should lose stam (which I believe now you dont).

    I also think that if you run 100% out of energy anytime it should take LONGER to come back, or cause a punishment of some type. Making people watch it more.

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    if u tred while in water u will gain your stam back at the same rate as if you were running and u ran out...... and i agree with ya about running out of stam and it should give some punishment type but i don't wanna see this tell after release cause as of right now when i go on hunting trips for bones i way over do it lol.

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    Well give a bonus for staying say over 1/2 stam. Say you lose 20% less energy while over 50%, and if you are at 0% you gain it back at 1/2 the normal rate til 25%.
    That why people will manage it better, and you can get a bonus of going faster too over time than you can now.

    Really, I dont mean to derail the thread, but energy loss is way to fast for many actions. I have like 70 running now, max str fort dex, and naked I run out of stam running on a road too fast still. Why couldnt I run for a long long time?
    I mean right now if I were to run (and Im not a great runner), I could easy run (jog really in this game, not sprinting) over a few miles. Here you cant.

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    I don't seem to have much of a problem with energy loss with my character. I have pretty high strength and agility and fortitude and can seem to run a pretty far distance and stay over 1/2 most of the time. I can sprint pretty far also and this is with starting skill in running. I think I've gained maybe 3 points in running so far as I've been swimmimng alot.

    As for swimming it does seem like you should drown if you run out of stamina completely. Maybe have a type of rest action for the water where you float on your back to regain stamina. but you would be floating with the current (if thats ever introduced).

    I don't know how well that'd work but it just seems like there needs to be some disadvantage to running your stam to 0 in the water.

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