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    A few suggestions from the tribe Mayhem

    Mayhem Tribe's Suggestions.

    • Bridges. Built by Masons and Woodcrafters. Each having their respective Material types and look.
    • Carts, Large, Medium, and Small. Made by Woodcrafters.To assist in transport of large amounts of resources.
    • Wooden Chests. Made by Woodcrafters for storage. Similar to Bins. Allows for Locks to be added for extra security.
    • Leather Bags. Made by Leathercrafters for storage. Similar to Pouches. Can be worn on the 4 pouch slots.
    • Cloth Bags. Made by Tailors for storage. Similar to Pouches. Can be worn on the 4 pouch slots.
    • Stairs. Made by Architects. Would come in different heights, 1, 2, 3. would increase in vertical position by .50 like raising terrain.
    • Leather satchels. made by leathercrafters. used like backpacks. Would hang at the side of the character like a real satchel but would use the Backpack slot.
    • Toolbox. Made by Toolcrafters. Used like bins. Restricted to the storage of tools only. Capacity increased significantly.
    • Move tool added to fires when not lit.
    • Alternate means of fire starting. Firebow, Firepiston, Firedrills, and many other means of friction based fire starting techniques.
    • Grass Huts and other small Basketry based buildings.

    More to come in the future...

    This list contains the suggestions made by members of the tribe Mayhem. No discussion or feedback warranted.

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    Some good ideas.

    Carts and stuff have already been talked about, and they said they wont be in for release.

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