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    Mine and Resources

    Concept very simple

    All over maps you see :

    Near Moutain/Hills
    Tribes claim this mine and dig to find "nodes"

    for Each Ore need specify Depth and curse Structure to support mine

    Example :
    Known Depth Range of Ores
    Adomasite (301?) 490-922
    Alferix 242-881
    Azzurdite 450-827
    Belkar 5m-1232m
    Blaus 52m-1000m (9m reported elsewhere)
    Caldorite 226m-998m
    Cobalt 100-752
    Copper 146-892
    Cumbriz 164-992
    Dianum 290-969
    Durulium 280-1000
    Erdorium 302-970
    Erionite 379-710
    Frigulite 90-855
    Ganganite 165-1000m
    Gazzurdite 138-1000m
    Gold 560-1083m
    Himi 131-671
    Ignisium 230-814m
    Iolite 596m-713
    Iron 169-933m
    Kanerium 357-1000
    Kirtz 717-934m
    Langotz 592-796
    Lanorium 282m-733
    Lysterium 6m-1000
    Maganite 565-~900
    Megan 245-842
    Morpheus 821m-1000m
    Narcanisum 95m-1000
    Niksarium 231m-1025m
    Petonium 544-650m
    Platinum 696m-1000
    Pyrite 476-1000m
    Quantium 401-700
    Redulite 870-1000
    Rugaritz 758-980
    Terrudite 700m-879
    Tridenite 735m-~900
    Valurite 739-1000m
    Vesperdite 876-1000 (thx Skateboard T, Cyco)
    Xeremite 740-1049 (thx cuga, cyco)
    Zanderium 767-1000m (thx overburn)
    Zinc 89-1000

    Each more depth you dig more sink resources to repair ( i say sink and not massive sink )

    Nodes are generate automicaly over 24h (not less because i think create massive CPU cost to this )
    *better daily schudle (example df take one hour per day )

    More rare you find , better tool you need , example you need picaxe or shovel reforceid gold to mine adomasite

    ------------------------------------------Each Area with your resource----------------------------------------------------
    Concept same game above is each area have 3-6 resources , to make diversivty and curse miners chossen area like to mine and create trade above resources because craft use all , and not all area have all resources , create neede to buyit and sell (*damm my poor English)


    i link another topic because more detailed and explain

    -------------- Reference -------------

    Aion/WoW Nodes

    -> Ores/Enmmater and depth in entropia universe
    -> Maps and smal brief about zone resources division
    in on link

    * Hum i think need develop more idea about dig/tools
    but i not paid for developer idea :P

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    I dont like seeing them on the map.
    I do like when you dig down you find different types.

    One major thing about this is, what would be the point of different resources like this? You would need to add reasons for mining down etc. Also I believe said said that mines into the ground (caves) would not be in the game yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    One major thing about this is, what would be the point of different resources like this? You would need to add reasons for mining down etc.
    Please don't think I'm being an ass for saying this, but if you have different resources of the same type, then the most obvious reason to have them is to be able to craft different items and/or affect the quality of the items that you can craft. My Science Education professor does stuff like this to me all the time. He tells me to develop a quiz incorporting math into the education process, so I gave him a quiz on units, measurements, and density. He told me to make a project that relates science to the local community, so I make a project that has the students analyzing water samples from area to test the acidity. And he also had me make a project where the students use the spore creature creator trial to make creatures and then answer questions about why they developed it that way. Those where the only requirements for that class and I got an incomplete for that class. I call him up and what does he tell me: "In no cases could I tell what you wanted to the students to do. I see a quiz for units but what is the context?" I'm thinking to myself, "The context is the requirement handout you gave me." He told me instead to make an entire freaking unit instead, even though the paper says to just make a quiz. Why did I say that? Because sometimes things are just so obvious that they really don't need to be elaborated on. I'm STILL confused how, in the context of what was given to me, that my professor couldn't see what I did since I did it just as it was written. It's sort of the same thing for this: MMOs use resources to craft. Items use different resources. Therefore one can extropolate that having different resources affects how many different items and/or the qualities of what can be crafted. Different types of resources aren't needed to increase the amount of craftable items, but there'd be no reason to have different resources if they weren't used to make something, which is the obvious.

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    Hehe, you typed a lot to say very little.

    My point was that before getting to a huge list of stuff that uses all these mined items. Lets first start with a few simple ones. Which are yet to be in the game really working yet. Thats all my point was. No need to add a ton of new resources, only to have to add a ton of different items to them, when the few items we already have are not really used much at all.

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    Don't mind me... I'm just frustrated. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcalhou View Post
    Don't mind me... I'm just frustrated. ^_^
    Yeah, I would be frustrated as well if I were you. Wow...

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    Hum ,,,,, ok i going to internet to find new nodes styles

    --------- Dejavu my first moth -------------

    i believe variety on resources to craft make one special market
    and curse better mats on tools give better stats , example Adamantium Hammer give better stats with Iron Hammer

    Variable add on stats and dura for intem

    %Tool used%
    %Type Ore used%
    %Purity Ore%

    I think this way create biggest quantity intem every

    5 level purity
    10 ore
    and 2-3 building upgrade for now ( maybe is cool add Bulding specilization example my Smith is focus on BladeSmith or ToolSmith )


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    I say no, mines and ores are not something that survivors are even supposed to be thinking about, especially in the early stages of an apocalypse. There are scraps all over, why would someone make a pickaxe to get ore only to undergo a longer process in making the equipment they need rather than just finding the tools they need in the scraps? I think Xsyon purposely made us retrieve items from junk piles so we wouldn't have to deal with mines. That was one of the biggest frustrations in Wurm Online for newcomers.

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    You know, I hate to say this, but I kind of agree with you. Thematically it does seem more appropriate to salvage. Eventually though, I'd hope the game/story/whatever would progress to the point that more "advanced" items would be producable by people. Keeps things fresh.

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    Wurm Online is a perfect example of how "mines" should work. Although their's is still a very rough model and apparently a 2nd realm altogether with 0 load time inbetween the surface and the subterranean area.

    Pretty much you dig down until a large enough area is pure rock. Than you 'Tunnel' into the exposed rock until a passage way appears (about 50 actions). The only sad part of their system is there is no overlapping mine tunnels. If 2 attempt to overlap a drastic drop shaft is created between the 2 destroying the upper level tunnel for the most part.

    If they could make a 3D underworld where many tunnels could overlap it is the true goal.

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