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    What about taming?

    It is not in yet and the last update said till launch they will focus on combat, quest system, crafting and construction, isn't this feature going to be in for release? I think it will probably need a lot of testing due to issues with AI and balance.

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    The main goals are to finish the Tribe, Quest and Construction systems. We've been testing our World Update that breeds creatures and decays objects among other things. The World Update will be turned on for the main server in about 2 weeks. This will cover almost all of the features. After these we will review and revise crafting schemes and combat variables. We should also be able to turn on animal taming and pets. This was implemented a long time ago but as we've made many changes that can affect this so we'll see after the next few updates.

    posted by Xsyon on about Dec 12th

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    Great sounds like sometime in Jan we should have all of the above for testing a month before launch

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