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    Questions for the week of 12/27 through 1/1

    same deal...

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    Will there be the typical farm animals? For example, chickens, cows, horses, pigs, and sheep? In addition, will there be mutated livestock?

    Since there is going to be drugs (which includes alcohol), will there be withdrawal symptoms? In addition, will there be addictions so we would have to abuse a drug to reduce the withdrawal symptoms?

    Will weather affect livestock? For example, will we have to store hay for the winter and keep the livestock inside of a ranch so they wouldn't freeze?

    Are crops going to be altered and be affected by season?

    Is there a chance that livestock could get sick?

    Will the overall mood of a livestock determine the quality of the dairy products produced?

    Are there going to be ways to enhance crop production? For example, adding manure, water, and picking out weeds?

    I've heard that instruments are going to be implemented, will they benefit us in some sort of way or will they be purely for entertainment?

    Like our characters, will animals have a visual weight loss/gain depending on how they're fed?

    I've seen people purposely put walls on steep hills in order to barricade themselves. What are your plans to keep this balanced? Will we be allowed to climb these hills or would we have to use ladders?

    Since we have a comfort meter and weather affects our stats, can our characters get sick?

    Is there going to be an injury system? For example, burns, cuts, bruises, poisons, infections, broken bones, and so on?

    Will food spoil overtime? If so, will there be ways to slow the process?

    Will there be achievements and titles?

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    Front Page, Features, Objects
    Discarded objects can be found by later scavengers or picked up and used by creatures
    Does this mean when we drop items from our bags?

    Front Page, Features, Communication
    Town mail boxes where players can send items and private messages.
    Will the ingame mail be for local(your tribe) only, Or will it be linked to every one, As long as you have there name?

    Front Page, Features, Tribes
    Player honor lists will keep records of player achievements
    Will player honor lists for achievements be anything more than just a list? Or is it going just be so we can see who did what and when?

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    What kind of NPCs will there be at launch? Will there be (if they are not in yet which I don't know) NPCs different than animals and wildlife, like human NPCs? I remember reading somewhere that there will be mutant humans, is that true? What kind of loot will they give after being killed?

    When I have played during this beta period I haven't seen a big quantity of NPCs, just some single bear or fox, is this going to be like that when the game goes live? Will there be pack of animals or "spawns" so that when many players are playing there is enough resources and pve content for everyone?

    Will there be any changes to the UI so that we can actually bind keys to actions, like equipping different weapons, using skills, etc? At the moment almost everything needs the mouse and click (equipping weapons, armor, using terraforming, etc), will that change?

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