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    Future Game Addition Ideas

    I was putting some thoughts together about some features I think would add a lot to the game, I will start out by stating that Iím not a programmer and would never claim to be.

    I was thinking that with the current terraforming that is already part of the world and coded in that it shouldnít be too much to add in some kind of farming. Using the current terraforming concept but changing it from level or road to a plowed field then a planted one, using a timer type system have the planted field grow to produce either a food item or a craft able crop.
    If fields were not wanted maybe some kind of crafted planter boxes that can be player made and placed in or on tribal lands.

    I think a greenhouse made by an architect out of scrap metal and plastic would be really cool. I just think this would be something that would fit the theme of the game as far as trying to rebuild life and survive in the new world, not to mention might add a lot to the cooking. I know I would love to have a herb garden to add fresh herbs to the things I was cooking to make them better or give some kind of bonus to the outcome of crafting.

    I was thinking of the construction of building and such in the game and the idea of an old toy popped in my mind. Lincoln Logs, I think they would make a really cool feature for building. The Ghost structure could be set up like it is now with the stacking of resources and buildings. The architect could lay out a house like building with the logs and set the outline for the building. Woodworkers could make the lumber needed to complete each log section. I had also thought that scrap plastic could be used as window material and could be crafted from it.

    One thing that is kind of missing from this design is some form of blacksmith, I know that if this was a real world I would be heating scrap metal to make other things out of it like a tool smith does in the game for making tools. Some of the things I thought that a blacksmith/ tool crafter should be able to make are components for other crafters like knife/axe blades pick heads shovel heads and such.
    I know there is a plan for some kind of workbench or craft table could it be added that a blacksmith forge be added that needed to have the fire fed for it to work? Some other thoughts I had on that topic were parts to build other items for use in other crafting. Maybe a still that could be assembled by a cook or a smoker maybe some kind of wood stove. Leather and tool crafters making components for animals harness and rigging for plows and such. Some door hinges would be a good item to add also maybe making more components needed to complete a building that would be player crafted and not just found.
    Iím not sure if this has been talked about or not but I think we could use something to carry water in as we trek about the wastelands. I think a bota bag crafted by a leather crafter would be a fitting item.

    Iím not sure how the pet system is going to work as in if the pets will be left in the world or stored and called into the world with the pet menu.
    So I was thinking that if they would be left in the world that we could set up a barn or corral that the architect and wood crafter would set up and craft. I had also thought that a feed and watering trough would be needed to care for them, would be cool if we had to haul grass and water to the trough to fill it up when the pets needed food and water.

    Well thatís some of my thoughts for the day and would love to hear what others think.

    Dakota =)

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    +1 for the greenhouse idea, or at least some sort of structure to resemble it.

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    Here is another thing I think would be a very big plus.
    The movement of baskets without having to empty them first and its guess work when you drop it as to if it’s going to set where you want it. If the same menu option was used as it if for moving ghost structures was used to move the baskets I think it would be great.


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