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    Special Construction / Tribe Conquest

    For your information
    I do not work in the notorius
    I'm not even a game designer
    Are just ideas that arise in the mind and I have never seen applied elsewhere or not seen them linked

    Errors are the fault of the translator of google because English is not my native language
    At the end of the topic existed a link to my other topics that will lead you to a complete understandings about all of them

    First Part: Special Construction

    Translation From portuguÍs to inglÍs

    Special Construction and Wars
    Concept that was developed was the existence of five or more
    (Depending of quantity and playerrs tribe)
    (Initially only taking consideration the cardinal points)
    construction or special areas, which shall serve only as a collection area
    Exception with the one that stood on the center of the map

    The construction

    The Farm, or fertile area for planting that would be an inflow of food to construction

    besides the name propio already say for itself,
    [RolePlay] In this magical place where plants will grow faster than other places en

    blessed by God
    Long fertile area for planting

    25% at harvest and planting in his tribe
    50% in the Harvest / Planting in the area of the farm
    5% in the "production" of animals
    10% in speed in the cycle of harvest / planting

    Skill Bonus to Basketry / Tailor

    The Quarry, the name says propio en place those specialized collecting stone
    In this place you besides collecting rocks en large quantities you can get stones

    special, for construction of walls and construction more resistant or just for construction


    beautiful statues to decorate his tribe (Develop concept that will be later)

    [Roleplay] In this place where old people collected massive amounts of rocks before

    apocalipyse for construction of large construction

    10% Of Stones en all fields of extraction
    The 15% less time in collecting this feature
    10% HP for such construction
    Reduction in recharge time of stones
    * Open suggestion at this time

    Skill Bonus to Mansory / Architect

    The stable place those specialized in the production of the best horses of both travel and

    wars for the time that the horses are less evolved than their tribes en

    [Roleplay] Here they were born in the best breeders of horses in these mountains in the world


    air inspires even the youngest animal

    -20% Food consumption by animals
    +15% To speed a new horse will be ready
    +5% Speed for all horses
    +10% Speed for horses coming from the barn
    +5% Armor for all horses (made by the tribe)

    Skill Bonus:
    Animal Taming

    The Mine and the forge
    [Roleplay] The Mine that sacred place where the "dwarf" en always looking for rare ores will

    fight for this place, a concept applied to one of my previous topics in order of most


    'll Meet in this place will be the rarest and purest ores inclsuive Smiths for

    even the xsyon order to create a war that will place

    +5% Chance to not fail when smelting or craft
    +5% Chance to find something unusual when you're digging somewhere en
    Recharge time reduction of ores
    * Open to suggestion on cooldown
    Rare ores can be found only in this mine
    However common ores with high content of purification will be found here

    Skill bonus to Scavengig / Toolcraft / Weaponsmith

    Lumberyard and Sawmill
    This place felt old and rare woods Develop techniques to extract

    Idea and following an x ray will be born only rare wood trees
    For the owners to drop, remember this open field
    * This will be explained little more forward

    Reduction of cutting time
    Reduction in waiting time between "reforestation" en around the totem of their tribe
    Rare woods that are find it here can only be worked on here

    Skill Bonus: Woodworking, Logging

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    System of conquest would be time for a particular tribe would own the building or area for a specified period after that particular period I believe that one week is in excellent agreement

    One or more areas of construction and would come up "preparation time"
    this period interresing tribes would set a Stone with a minimum step of the construction that x dizzy could be protected by walls and gates

    Low-cost groups such construction would not be permanent after a period of siege they would be destroyed will be possible to set your respawn point to temporary siege
    * why it more frustrating for you to go a siege en en if you die it back
    You born without equipment and life
    Possibility existed of the tribe put chests with "lock"to protect your equipment from war until the right time

    After a period of 24 hours of preparation with next 2h will be a war I think that best way to declare a winner will be based on the score game team

    As I mentioned five different believe that if construction mix en goals each game became more dynamic

    Example Mine in Forge and use system of the mountain king
    In the case of the Lumberyard and lumbermill use system Capture the flag
    Why not Destroy and Deathmatch Run? are all applicable and makes the most dynamic siege

    The advantage of you being the owner of the construction have already been listed more than you do not it is you can go to enjoy these resources, however the owners will know and you take x time x * 4 led you to make same result

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    I say above about my others topic to link all idea and think make cool brainstorm

    Xsyon tech tree

    Some idea for building and building types

    Some idea for variety ingames intem and resources

    Idea about condition after click on your craft button

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