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    Future of Gaming

    Would be awesome if Xsyon tailored the combat system to harness the full potential of the Kinect.

    Pull arm back and the character pulls axe back. Swing and your character swings. Endless possibilities for the combat system. Half swings = 50% damage but quicker attack. Dodging and parrying would be all sorts of fun.

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    If this is the fut ure of gaming I quit :P

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    You've got to think outside the box a bit. Think about the immersion this will add once the technology has been fine tuned. There will be games where you actually have to sneak up behind other players to not make noise, swing your weapon faster for more damage, etc..

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    The Kinect will be solely responsible for the reduction of obesity among gamers.

    Though I don't seeing even very fit people able to stand there for more than an hour in front of one playing an active game.

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    It would be cool to be able to play MMOs with realistic motion controls (not exactly what this video is showing), but I'd prefer if the controller/keyboard/mouse is always a viable option. My herniated disc couldn't take playing like that after working all day.

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    I'm loving what gaming is coming to. I'd love to get off my ass and move around while I play my games. I mean, computer gaming was definitely my all time favorite. However, overtime video game consoles have been really getting up there with the internet access and so on. After the Wii came out, I actually become interested in video game consoles. I can't believe that I've sweat playing a game. The funny part was, everyone else that I knew enjoyed it too besides my "large" friend. Go figure, he was sitting down throwing around the Wii controller with one hand saying that it sucks.

    I think the Wii started up something that is needed. To get our fat asses out of the chair and start being skilled in reality rather than a click of a button. It is a health hazard, unless you are crippled, you shouldn't be sitting for hours doing absolutely nothing. I'm sure the future generations will eventually wonder why we'd ever sit down for hours clicking buttons.

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    Kinect is good only for some games and I can't imagine playing like that for few hours, also you still need to use gestures for movement and actions.

    I think that future of gaming is this:

    And this is awesome!

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    i see OPs idea and one up and raise it this:


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