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    How do we know this isnt a scam?

    I mean a game that has a amazing feature list.. but it has no advertisement at all.. sites like massively and im sure would love to do a interview etc with the devs to help advertise the game.

    They want you to preorder also without any kind of beta.. (something i regret doing from another game currently in beta)

    How do we know this is real?

    the forums are empty, theres no hype.

    And its releasing in 2 months! that sounds insane.

    I hope this isnt just another flop like roma victor was.. promising amazing things and just failing.. though roma victor 2 is coming out later this year i believe.

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?


    To answer your points:

    About advertisement, we've sent all of our information to many online sites, but only a few have listed us so far. has told us that they would be creating a spot for us and have had our logos and screenshots since mid January.

    If there are any sites you think we should be listed on, please post them here in this thread and feel free to message the administrators of these sites to list us. A bit of a push would help.

    About the beta: We do have a beta, it's just not a publicly open beta for the reasons I gave in the other thread.

    About the forums: We just launched them yesterday. Give a bit of time to fill up!

    About hype: We didn't want to hype the game until it was actually ready. I didn't want to announce any features in development. I've been in the game business long enough to expect 'unexpected' delays. We've had a few of those.

    So rather than hype the game and have too many people anxiously waiting, I decided to announce the game as a surprise. We'll be doing the same with many game features that are planned. It's a different approach and we'll see how it goes.

    We are looking for a small but tight initial community for the Prelude. Once we've laid the foundations of the world we plan to advertise a lot more.

    For those that want to wait and see, that's alright. In a few weeks we'll be resetting the world and launching it from the main server for more beta and pre-order players to explore. I'm sure those players will be posting here to tell you more about the game experience.

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    well launching a forum and letting them do a q&a with a dev would prob be a big thing to get people here.

    Also i did send a tip to about this game.

    I really hope we get a video soon as was seen in the last thread.

    For people that preorder will there be a NDA?
    hopefully someone will be the guinea pig and then give us all info

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    There will be no NDA. We want everyone to know what the game is like

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    It is funny, I was thinking the same thing.

    There are alot of us that float around looking for game like this, and I think myself to be one that thought I knew all that was out there.

    I come here (From a random post found on MO forums) and the first thing I see is Preview for pre-orders.

    I wont lie the idea set looks promising.
    Looks like I have something else to keep my eye on. I hope soonish there is some kind of preview avail. I don't mind throwing $$ at unknown games, I just want to see it first hand lol.

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    I was thinking exactly the same thing also (hello all by the way!) , but you know what? I think i'm gonna pre-order... This did sound too good to be true but the devs/admins raise a good point about keeping things under wraps until its complete - look at the immense dissapointment about Darkfall beta and even MO beta to some degree. So yeah, i'm gonna be trusting for a change and pre-order(just gonna have to wait til payday now :laugh: )

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    Going on what is shown so far this game has a lot of promise. Almost to the point of the feature list being so good that its unbelievable. (To be fair it makes sense to build a game without over hyping it from day 1 and only putting out the info when there is something real.)

    That being said I'm very much looking forward to seeing what new info is put out on Xsyon. I actually recently posted my ideas, over on another site, on what I thought the next big MMO would look like and a lot of those ideas are the same as whats listed here. Good stuff.

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    Without an open beta how do you plan on properly stress testing the servers before launch? I would really rather not have frequent server crashes more than usual for a MMO launch (Of course there usually are crashes with new launches, which is fair of course).

    May I ask, How do you plan to stress test the servers before launch?

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    I'm still a bit tender from the tall promises of my last game... I'm sure Jooky is too.
    Hopefully it was a learning experience. It's going to be hard to put together a sandbox of this scope, but hopefully it's done right this time.
    Videos, more info, and then I'd be more inclined to preorder.

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    Re:How do we know this isnt a scam?

    hey balder! I thought it was you and yes I here you on that one. Stop by Xsyon IRC, its just next door to that other games.

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