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    Nova Roma

    With the world almost destroyed, and humans barely hanging on to their species... A man that would come to be a king is born amidst the chaos. With no future to look forward to, and nothing known about the past, he spends his life looking for any destroyed books or discarded diaries for any knowledge about the previous world. He stumbles upon a humble book that would become the starting point of a new history. The History of the Roman Empire. With knowledge of one of the greatest civilizations in history, he attempts a movement for humanity to start anew. To recreate civilization, to recreate our world. He thought, "A world born from the ashes of the old... Is it worth reviving? Would we destroy it again?" And then it hit him. "I shall purify this world! Unite it all under one flag, MY flag! I will make it perfect! I will not let the downfall of humanity repeat itself!" From this thought came the birth of Nova Roma, New Rome, and the birth of an empire. All hail the emperor!

    To look into us please check out our website(under development). -

    If you would like to contactone of the leaders please feel from to add us on skype at Jimbo.March, or Brando Snook.

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    I didnt expect to see another Roman guild come about, best of luck with it. We'll see you in game.

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