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    Not happy but happy with release

    With the release coming up already and most of the features not in the game, it seems the devs started off good, now with earthrise coming , you guys feel you wanna push out a product that is not finished...

    I feel I wasted 40 bucks like some of us did with MO.... I mean indie's are making a bad name for any future indie but pushing out unfinshed products...

    If you look at the long list hadly any features will be there at release there for leaving us with not much to do besides build our forts , which I found to be boring, the combat is boring and the AI to.. I feel this is not what I signed up for when I fork over 40 bucks last april, we where suppose to have animal breeding , taming as well. I mean even cooking won't be in.. are you kidding me.

    I now know you pushed this out with the release of earthrise...Its similiar games and it release's feburary the 4th so i,m just saying how disappointed I i,m by looking at a list of features either broke or will not be in game come release.

    I i,m happy to see the release fianlly but I know making a game is not easy at all, I have seen a few things I like so this is why i,m happy .

    Devs you may wanna rethink your time line. Do no release this because of another game... People will still come play Xyson if its done complete not broke or half done. I will not pay for a game that i,m beta testing either and it sounds like thats what you wnat people to do by adding alot of features later.

    This is my 2 cents and my opinion this is not to Flame the game .


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    I am kind of glad it will start but there are also many things pissing me off :

    - no tooltips
    - no item information
    - only like 3 animals ?
    - pretty bad chat system with annoying attached emote bar
    - skill window cant be stretched
    - active population very low
    - no game elements , feels like a virtual world more than a game
    - no random events, no natural disasters
    - no tag system for containers and buildings
    - very poor char creation system (no stat description)
    - lack of centralized information
    - no exploration or pushed boundaries of the 'mist'
    - cant rest still
    - sound effects and music neglected
    - no atmospheric immersion
    - no old world ruins (char selection has a half broken city)
    - no ranged combat
    - no cooking
    - still many exploits for leveling skills

    It feels like when they wipe for prelude it will be a race to grind. Then after people realize there is not enough content they will just leave. Hard to find my place in this game since there is no content for explorers/hunters and a lot of the features promised have been neglected (friendly combat training, teaching/learning). There is no indication on how to spec properly or re-spec.

    This game got huge potential still and has a pretty good base don't get me wrong but it needs a couple of months and i feel us people who preordered will just be guinea pigs while we spend our 2 free months in a beta.
    Btw wheres my unique weapon

    I feel like we got some good systems but there is a huge lack of focus in the UI and the content as well as world events and such.

    I got mixed feeling for this news. I understand they need funding asap but the content is just not there.

    Im kind of pissed... the game is empty there is nothing to do except for tradeskiller type players.

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    Some answers would be nice please Xsyon

    1 : when will the mist be pushed ?

    2 : are there old world ruins out there ?

    3 : can tribes be mobile ?

    4 : when will ranged combat be implemented ?

    5 : will we ever get tooltips and item description ?

    6 : will the UI be revised (chat system and emotes separate)

    7 : when will a 'open/close all UI' button be implemented ?

    8 : When will i be able to look at my body in first person ? (it blocks)

    9 : Are there rare spawns / events / weapons / items ?

    10 : With no coords have you implemented a compass or do we have to use the sun ?

    11 : Did weapon types get balanced and does armor have any effect ?

    12 : why do i need to drink 15 times to remove thirst ?

    13 : Will cooking be implemented before or after launch ?

    14 : Custom tribe logo ?

    15 : Where's the roadmap for the future ?

    16 : any cartography / map system in prospect ?

    17 : When will people be able to build simple things like carts to carry lots of stuff , and carts should be able to get pulled by tamed animals.

    18 : what's the keyring for ?

    19 : remove dodging and parry it's atrocious and very badly implemented (not working) make it passive or it will be exploited

    20 : Why are you forcing people to choose tradeskills ?

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    link in correct session ) but i agree everything said

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    is it too much to ask for being able to explore this and being able to find things... special monsters... special items... old ruins ... rare stuff

    screenshot :

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    I agree and like the aspects as a crafter myself I find it kinda boring, I perfer more skill base crafting myself, if you not in the contruction of your guild your gonna find your self bored. Then once thats done your gonna be bored regardless. If your not high on the totem pole in your guild your gonna be left in the cold and bored also.. I find for the solo players they are gonna be bored from day 1.

    I agree zero direction and the game seems to be disappointing for me to say the least, i,m glad there are others releasing this year... I love to see xyson in a year or so if it lasts then I see it being a better game in the mean time I ,m disappointed I like to support indies and thats why I preordered but I expected more to do...

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    I feel let down big time, in many ways with this statement of how a combat system is pretty much shelved.

    Crafting is very boring, and lacking many things to make it enough to warrant anyone really playing this game over some of the other games out there. Good luck, and I hope it works out for everyone that does want to play this game. I currently dont see anyone looking to play this game. Earthrise has done a lot of this only its doing it better in many ways.

    Open world PVP, Good / Evil system, Combat FPS style, and crafting system with varied things. All these are lacking in the game and looks like they wont be put in for who knows how long.

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    Open world PVP, Good / Evil system, Combat FPS style, and crafting system with varied things. All these are lacking in the game and looks like they wont be put in for who knows how long.
    On the contrary, these are exactly what we are currently focusing on from now until launch and through the early Prelude. As stated in the announcements we will be focused on crafting, combat, construction and tribe mechanics rather than implementing additional minor features.

    The combat system is not shelved and is part of what we'll be revising before launch. The current system was designed entirely based on player feedback. I understand the frustration with it because something in the targetting or calculations is not working right. We will fix this before launch.

    Implementing a Mount and Blade type of system is something we'll look into after launch. It's something that players have asked for so it's planned as evolution when we can expand the team in order to do so, but it was not something I originally planned for.

    I will add the other questions to our FAQ section and answer them as soon as I can take a small break.

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    I'd be interested to see a show of hands as to just how satisfied the current player base is with...
    a) The game as it stands at the moment
    b) The decision to launch without (it seems?) the product being 100% complete.

    When I initially signed up and handed over my $40, I was disappointed. I fell for the bells and whistles on the home page and did not take the time to read the forums or understand the current state of the world.
    I have tried to like it since and given it a go, but am no longer really interested. Although the level of developer action/involvement/feedback is quite good (compared to many other small sandbox games) there seems to be something missing.
    The game lacks punch and depth as it stands and sadly, first impressions more often than not determine the replayability for first time users.

    I've been involved with a few other small developer type sandboxes which just oozed potential but died in the ass due to low player bases (which I think stemmed from unfinished products at release) and promises never delivered.

    I'll check back in a few months....

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