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Thread: New and hello

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    New and hello

    Whats up everyone, I have been looking for a new MMO and I think this might be it. I am burnt out with WoW, and MO is just to exploitable to make it fun for people trying to play fair. I have been following this game for sometime and have always been interested, I guess my reason for not joining sooner was no friends were coming over, but I guess I will have to lead the new path for my friends to join. Hopefully if I like it I can bring them over to the fun side, haha. Anyways if there are any new player tips would be much appreciated, if not. I hope to have fun and see you all in game. Currently download the patch now.

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    Welcome and enjoy

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    Hello Wicked357!

    We at Notorious Games would like to welcome you to Xsyon. While you are installing your game client, take the time to read through the Xsyon Manual found under Downloads on the My Account page.

    Xsyon is a community building game, join the community on the forums and introduce yourself. Check out the different tribes that share the game world, and see if your interesting in joining any of them. It is highly recommended that you find a community of players to team up with, to increase your chances in the harsh environment. It will also add to your enjoyment of the game.

    Enjoy your time in Xsyon,
    The Xsyon Team

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