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Thread: Tribes

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    So I havent been hanging around here for a while, just checking in each week or so. I was wondering if someone could explain the "single player tribes" that I saw mentioned in the update?

    What is different about a single player tribe as apposed to a tribe with 5+ people? (apart from the obvious numbers)
    Can a single player tribe be expanded to a multi player tribe?
    Can a tribe be started with 3 or 4 people?
    Is there still a minimum number of people required to place a totem, or can a single player place a totem(as it should be)?
    If more than 1, whats the player number requirements for placing a totem now?


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    I would like to know this to

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    You can simply create a Tribe and place a Totem solo, and then, invite new Players or stay solo.
    I heard something about that Tribe-Land expand a lidle with every new Player, but cant confirm that.

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    We'll have to wait for an official response on if there are any differences. But mostly what it means is that prior, you needed more than 1 person to start a tribe (I think it was 5). That has been lowered to only 1 person now due to some players wanting that. If there are any differences otherwise, I'm currently unaware of them.

    As to tribe land expanding per player in the tribe, this is true and I've personally tested that (as have many others). Whether or not it ever get's smaller if people leave, I have no idea.

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    nm....placing a solution to my issue in another post

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    Thats great, Im glad Jooky changed that. Thanks for your responses.

    Is it a large difference to the size of the land when another player joins, or minimal?

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    It appears to be a fear yards per person. Maybe 10 feet or so. Although, I think at some point say you hit 20 people, then 50 people, etc... there are larger jumps. I'm not entirely sure on that, but I think that's what happens.

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    That would make sense to have milestones like that for tribal area. Hopefully thats accurate.

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    would it be possible for larger tribes to "swallow up" smaller ones? I mean if say a solo player has a totem down between 2 larger ones that keep expanding. Or, when placing totems does it always take in to account the maximum potential growth of nearby tribes?

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    Always take in to account the maximum potential growth of nearby tribes.

    Thats right ^^

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