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Thread: Map Corruption

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    Basket bug

    Part of the map seemed corrupted, my loyal minion was in the area when it happened and he is limited to moving back and forth now, I logged in and went to rescue him or loot his corpse while he made a new character and ran into this.

    It seems I was able to pass into the green sea easily enough.

    Edit: I fixed it on my end, it seems to have been caused by me dropping Peter's basket while on his account so that we could retrieve his armor while he recreated.

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    Stuck inside the corruption, i had to remake my account.

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    It's not quite clear to me what the corruption is. Is this still visible in game? Do you know when this happened?

    Diesel, if you have a stuck character in the future, please contact one of our Guides. They can help teleport your character. In the even they can't do so, you can contact me directly through our support page and I can move your character through the database.

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    Thanks for replying, for some reason when the basket was dropped it was like it existed everywhere in the green area, I could click on the ground at any given point and it would prompt me to pick up or open the pack. The green area was caused when I had Peter's character drop the basket, and it disappeared when I dropped my own and picked up Peter's.

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    My account was also still corrupted and could only walk forwards or backwards. Traenan logged onto it and it was messed up for him as well and when he logged onto his it was fine.

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    It's hard for me to tell in the screenshots. Is the green area multiple copies of an backpack or basket?

    Whatever happened here was really bizarre. At what time did this happen?

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