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    Expressing Concerns

    I've chose to stay quiet when it comes to voicing my opinion about this game because I had good faith in Jooky and his team and I thought it was progressing rather nicely. I understand that they may have to push the game for some unseen issues and I will respect that. I appreciate that Jooky and his team focus largely on bug fixing after content releases, which some other indie MMOs are currently failing to do, and I do hope the Developers remain on this path, but I have had some serious concerns with the game and now with the set in stone release date they are only getting worse.

    My first concern involves player population and how heavily dependent this game is on player interaction. Currently, I believe there is little to zero solo game play involved. Everything requires heavy interaction between players. Do not get me wrong, this is a very good thing and it would work but this ties directly to player population. I feel like every time I log in there is no more than ten people on at one time. Without the required player base numbers to carry this type of gameplay, there will be no incentive for people to stay with the game. I guess what I'm getting at is that this game has no NPCs. to fill the gap for offline players, which most other MMOs have, and unless the players are willing to step up and fill in the role of NPCs I do not believe this game will get very far. With my past experience in MMO communities, I can only hope that a large majority of players will step up and fill in this gap as much as possible and to the best of their ability.

    My second concern is PvP and combat, but I won't go much into this since Jooky stated the are revisiting this and giving it revision. Although, PvP right now feels nearly non-existent and seems to have little to no incentives to fight.

    Overall, I just don't believe that this game has what it takes to compete with others. It is a very good design, I believe it can turn out to be a great game, and it also is has many features that people very much enjoy such as terraforming in a 3-D environment. I can only place my trust in the Development team right now and hope that they have what it takes to make this game great.

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    They need to advertise...

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    Part of our push from now until launch will be to get Xsyon populated, of course!

    The Quest system and allowing solo tribes (which is already possible) should help starting players a lot, as well as tribal starting locations.

    We will create a starting island zone as well that will be in before the end of the month.

    I understand the concerns with combat and I will personally look into the values. The main problem is something is wrong with the computations or targetting making all hits appear to do the same damage and making dodging, parrying, armor types, weapon values and many other factors that are actually in the code and database not function right. When this is fixed, combat won't be perfect, but will be more than who can click the fastest.

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    nm, answered in other post

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