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    Lightbulb Boats/Naval Warfare

    Well I see that recently in others mmorpg is being observed this point in maritime warfare
    I believe it is possible implementation in xsyon boats to small and medium-sized

    *After of curse ranged and "magic" system are implement but i think cannon dont affect by lore but idea Assault boats side by side people fight inside boat

    Taking as a dimension

    A Schonner randomly found on Google believes that boat of this size is appropriate and possible to be included
    *i think this size about 5-10 ppl on each boat make smal fleets i think imagine your see 3 boats 5 - 10 people on each ? sailing side by side amazing vision
    ** in swiming much need your tired because one problem in darkfall people in underwater waiting stolen your boat is sux

    More you guys ask me where it had water? good

    In all sectors currently en white "oranges"
    with exception of the sector where 859 would be an island possessing a fort or a town where half built maritime disputes would be made from this location

    Maybe this topic among other contradiriodade but I see that boats are a detail that everyone wants

    The City would be surrounded by exotic animals
    The System for possession of this island would be based en King of the Hill
    The spawn point would be targeted at the edges of the lake

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    Definitely no naval warfare. This is not a pirate game, nor do I believe that survivors would want to terrorize a lake for there would be no real logical for that. Rafts and boats could be used for fishing and transportation, but there should never be battles. This is a game about surviving an apocalypse, not becoming the ultimate pirate in a "lake". You're playing the wrong game...

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    All struggles for survival are the origin of territorial wars for the best places for survival
    People want to boats, only includes the concept of pvp that much people expect

    More validates your idea and why not? fishing boats and believe that better trade across the lake to make it back? and why not one tribe dominate the waters of this trade? doing its toll

    I remember at the time the silk route
    and spices

    Well I respect your opinion more firmly believe however that you overreacted on that scenario you mentioned

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    Double post
    xsyon or virtus delete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadio View Post
    Well I respect your opinion more firmly believe however that you overreacted on that scenario you mentioned
    Dude it's a lake, not only that, but such features are major and will add a whole new element to the game. It's not something that is required, nor would it benefit the majority. It's not an overreaction, it's just not good. In addition, it's just a lake.

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    naval warfare would be a good aspect to the game but it is a lake. i would suggest possibly boats with cannons on them and sometime in the week mabye parts of the lake become territory whoever caps a territory can gain something out of it. also someone posted this is not a pirate game but naval warfare isnt for pirates only its for strategic attacks on other bases enemy tribes and for the sheer fact of it being fun and possible attracting more people.

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    On the one hand, I kind of have to agree with Trenix on this. The scope of the lake wouldn't really allow for naval warfare of large vessels without being rather absurd. On the other hand, there are many rivers and streams, so I don't see why small vessels couldn't be designed for combat purposes, like fortified rafts for range/magic whenever that's implemented, small mounted cannons, stuff like that to help protect transport vessels.

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    There has been quite a large discussion/flamefest over this subject.

    Basically some people think it will ruin the feel of the game and others think that if it's fun then they should add it.

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