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Thread: The Kato Tribe

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    The Kato Tribe


    [b]What is the Kato tribe?[/b]

    The Kato tribe is one made up of the finest artisans that have survived the apocalypse. The Kato tribe has no interest in petty wars or nebulous concepts of good and evil. We are a tribe of craftsmen. We chop the wood, skin the hides and work the bone of the items you need. We, of course, do this for a fair price.

    [b]How is Kato different?[/b]

    We do not have a set hierarchy that requires a chief to tell others what to do. Each member of Kato is independent and free to deal with whomever he or she wishes. Kato exists to allow craftsmen (and women) to exchange resources and help one another with their respective goals. Freedom to blaze your own path is an integral part of being a Kato tribesman.

    [b]What are Kato's colors?[/b]

    Royal purple and white.

    [b]What is Kato's affiliation?
    We are neutral.
    What are Kato's rules?[/b]

    We do not have many strict rules. Simply etiquette is required. The willingness to trade openly with your tribesmen is highly encouraged.

    [b]Who are Kato's allies?[/b]

    Kato will [i][b]NOT [/b][/i]be formally allying with any tribe. Open, honest commerce and friendship with all; entangling alliances with none.

    [b]How many tribesmen will Kato allow?[/b]

    Ten members is the minimum so ten will also be the maximum until such time that the members of Kato feel that expansion is necessary.
    So will you guys [i]just [/i]be craftsmen or have some warriors for protection too?
    Craftsmen should be able to defend themselves just fine. Have you ever tried to skin a bear? But in all seriousness, crafting should be your primary skill to be a Kato tribesman.

    [b]Will you have ventrillo, Skype or a website?[/b]

    Not currently. The tribe should be able to correspond within game just fine. If the need arises Kato will expand into those areas.

    [b]Who are your members?[/b]

    1. Myself

    [b]Please reply here if you would like to join. Space is limited to ten.[/b]

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    Re:The Kato Tribe

    Looks pretty good, but if you don't mind the criticism, there are too many tribes and clans starting up with too few members to go.

    Your goals coincide with the United Survivor Republic's goals, mainly the crafting bit. We're looking for officers, overseers and foremen, for our technical side of the game which revolves around technology and resources/scavenging.

    Since you only have yourself as a member, I'd like to formally invite you to the United Survivor Republic. Take a look at our thread and wiki page, if you see what you like give me a shout.

    [url=]Recruitment Thread[/url]

    [url=]Wiki Article[/url]

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    Re:The Kato Tribe

    I wish you the best of Luck!! Your Tribe has the similar Goals that Of the Hopi , Feel free to open a trade route anytime!

    Kind regards

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    Re:The Kato Tribe

    Tan Tzu-Fei,

    I appreciate the invite, but I will stick with my tribe. Best of luck to you and yours.

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    Re:The Kato Tribe

    The same to you. If you change your mind, give me a shout. We'll always be looking for competent engineers.

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