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Thread: ghost towns

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    ghost towns

    With the advent of single player tribes, while it is a good thing...has had an undesired effect as well. There are bits of structures everywhere, some finished, some well as ghost towns in abundance.

    When a player moves his totem to new loacation, any structure not completed should auto collapse, or dissappear. Finished structures should be able to be destroyed by anyone passing by as well...or at least damaged...until they reach a point of collapse.

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    I agree, the resources used to create these structures and items should go back into the junk piles as well.

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    I have to agree with this that ALL structures would vanish, I would like to add one more thing .. if a totem is removed the land is reset to the default terrain (all teraforming is removed too)

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    Terraforming should not be reset to default

    The Idea of the mmorpg world and will never be changed

    The buildings should have their accelerated attrition en 5x the materials will fall to the ground so that people can not catch on until more material and construction disappears

    The construction in the shape of ghost should disappear immediately they should not even be visible to those who do not "designed"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenslodge View Post
    if a totem is removed the land is reset to the default terrain (all teraforming is removed too)
    It should be like that. Some people really alter the land to the point that the game could lose it's overall appeal. If it's your land, do what you like. However, it should go back to how it originally was once you're out of that area. The only way that terrain should change is if there are natural disasters. Either that, or natural disasters should clean up our mess.

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    I think the ground should gradually return to original status, but it should take a long time...the finished buildings should eventually collapse into a new junk pile from which to scavange, or just dissappear once collapsed or destroyed. But if someone comes upon the finished buildings, he should be able to destroy them, and possibly get some of the resources it took to make them, but it should take an effort and or time to destroy them. I can imagine people talking about the old <insert tribe name here> ruins and use it as reference point.

    And I like the natural dissater ideas too.

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    I'd say it should gradually return to its former landscape, but not just because a tribe moves.. It takes a lot of time for wind, rain etc to change a landscape.
    I'm not fond of the idea in general though, but if the terrain was to change due to a tribe being abandoned I'd be like.. IT CAN'T DO THAT! It's a bit.. Unrealistic.

    However, buildings should deteriorate and turn into a junkpile yes and ghost buildings should vanish.

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