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    Mount and Blade Warband combat tutorial

    As Xsyon said he would be checking mount and blade combat system to get some ideas for when he decides to improve combat, I leave this video that I found today which explains very very well how the combat works. I was impressed as I have never played this game but the combat seems amazing!

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    Great find treyu. It is difficult to explain with words why Mount & Blade combat is so good but this tutorial video really does it justice. I hope Jookie will get some inspiration from this.

    Edit: treyu, you should check out the cRPG/Strategus mod for Warband. cRPG adds persistent stats to your multiplayer character. The Strategus mod is a spin off of cRPG and adds factions and keep/fief control for multiplayer. The map is browser based but the battles between factions are fought w/in the game.

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    Hm.....but i really fear that this is going to be very very bad for Ppl with bad cannection, like me from Germany got a ping from 150-300.

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    @Calduryn i play M&B same ping without problem
    @Topic : Yes M&B system great add ( wihtout magic , i think add magic need work little )

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    Ping doesn't seem to affect your actions.. At least I see no connection between the ping and when and action is done (if the ping is stablized around 100-300) the second it goes above 400 I start to notice problems.
    Honestly I've never played M&B. However, I don't see the problem with magic.

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