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    Hello fellow survivors!

    Hey all,

    I just found this game and the idea of it is something I have always looked for in an MMO. I love the idea of creating tribes and trying to survive in a very wild world.

    Crafting and material gathering have always been my favorite parts of games. I played Eve Online and could just spend hours mining away!

    I really hope this game takes off enough to keep it running. Hope to see some of you in game

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    Welcome And enjoy

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    Welcome to the game Khaymus! Being a part of a tribe is really important in this game, so don't forget to check them out and see which one might fit you the best if you decide to join one. =)

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    Watch for black bears.

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    Hello Khaymus!

    We at Notorious Games would like to welcome you to Xsyon. You can get started by downloading the Xsyon Installer under Downloads on your My Account page. The link to your My Account page can be found on the top navigation bar, it is also linked here for your connivence. While you are installing your game client, take the time to read through the Xsyon Manual found under Downloads on the My Account page.

    Xsyon is a community building game, join the community on the forums and introduce yourself. Check out the different tribes that share the game world, and see if your interesting in joining any of them. It is highly recommended that you find a community of players to team up with, to increase your chances in the harsh environment. It will also add to your enjoyment of the game.

    Enjoy your time in Xsyon,
    The Xsyon Team

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