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    Patcher closing, game not opening

    Well I am trying to run this game under Windows 7 and well it is not working. I can start the patcher, patch, but when it want's to start analyzing the files it just closes the patcher. I figure the problem might be the firewall. Would have not patched if this was true, but worth to try to close the firewall, but this did not fix it.

    Then I tried to install it somewhere else. First time I installed it in my program files, later in my public user directory. Then tried to move it completly into my C:\ directory. This did not work either. Tried different compatibility modes (Vista and XP). Same result, but under XP SP2 it tries to update again. This might make it work, but I really doubt I have to go trough such an hassle to make it work? Yes also tried running it as an admin.

    I have been reading a few threads with might have had the same problem but did not find anything useful (That worked). So either I have a unique problem, failed to read a thread or missed something very obvious.

    The log files do not give any additional information (Beside a date-stamp) and it has been fully patched from what I can see (Data folder is about 3.45GB). The DX installation with came with the installation did not work though, but I have an up-to-date one. The rest of my driver should also be up-to-date.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Just pressed Xsyon.exe in the Bin folder and tell me it can start because d3dx9_39.dll is missing. So it might be a DX problem after all.

    EDIT: Well seems it was an DirectX problem Installed the latest version. Seems the web-updater did not work and an other version I downloaded told me it was updated. So now downloaded it fully and it appears to work.

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    Solved, apparently. So, locked!

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