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    Auction House / Markets

    Auction House and Market

    Well many people to disagree

    But an auction house and the local level where weathering so deposited may be withdrawn in place
    But what the research is global or regional level that would make people move to conclude a trade leaving stalking people in the world consecutively open pvp
    This system else fails and I applied to regional eve you can search but must move up site posted for removal

    System would be like most auction house yet when logs are purchased would be sent to the location where it was posted

    Would be sent another message to the tribe is located where the weathering
    The only problem would be the ganks
    More will make it part of the reputation of the tribes is a location if you catch the announcement and is killed you you will probably have some proof of icidente including you step into the tribe owns the weathering and post to the forum and let the person to do business with that tribe

    *Jump = distance on eve systems
    **Tips img so smal , right click and show imagen or better this link

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    Warning! Read Entire Post Before Replying!

    There is only one problem that I see with this idea... That system functions on the basis of a global currency, which won't be used in Xsyon.

    However, if someone could have a wish-list of an item(s) that they would be willing to trade for their posted item(s), I could see a means for a 3rd party to thrive in a market such as this.

    This could actually be used as part of the Tribe Quest system that should be implemented soon.

    Say you could build a "Bulletin Board" on your tribe lands. Then, as new sales are posted globally, your "Bulletin Board" would show the new addition(s). And the additions to the BB could be added at a rate, based on their distance in zones, from the seller/buyer's totem location, but be removed as soon as the 3rd party makes the initial trade that triggers the quest to lock on the other end.

    So, if you wanted to buy something that was listed, you could post a quest at a totem that is either at or near where you want the items to be dropped off. Then, as part of that quest, not only do you offer one of the things on the seller's wish-list, but a reward to anyone that will take the quest and deliver the item(s) to that totem.

    A way to keep people from using this system to grief people, would be to have the 3rd party have to compensate the seller as per their wish-list, thus locking the quest on the buyer's end (so they can't leave the trader stuck with the item(s)). Then, once they get to the drop-off totem, then they get compensated for their hauling it and with what the person on that end was willing to give up, for the item(s).

    This would keep some sense of realism to the game, while allowing people to be allowed to have a sense of an ingame economy.

    So, to summarize. With this system, it would give people that prefer to be a merchant, a reason to go from town to town, not only to deliver the item(s) (which they would have plenty of incentive to do), but to also possibly drum up sales for wares that they are hauling with them on a day to day basis, that they wish to sell to the destination tribal area.

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