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    Invisible roads bug! ..and no access to bug forum?

    For some stupid reason I cant start a thread in the bug forum, so Im posting here, so please move this and grant me access.

    As for the bug...
    Laying roads in snow, the roads are invisible, this needs fixing, obviously.

    While Im at it, an annoyance for me for some time, just never mentioned it, when trying to hover over the GUI bars, like thirst, hunger, adrenaline, etc., the mouse over is out of sync. Meaning, the mouse arrow needs to be literally a 10mm below the actual bar on the screen to highlight. So if youre trying to highlight a bar on the top, it needs to be over the bar below it.

    Also, again while Im at it, right clicking on other people's totems doesnt seem to do anything. We should be able to right click and be able to see info on the tribe that owns the area, if only the name and the leader's name.

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    You should be able to post bug reports directly into our bug tracker here:

    Please report each issue as an individual bug. Thanks!

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