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    Carry Weight Gauge

    Hopefully I can make this idea make since.

    The idea spawned out of the want to know how much the weight in my backpack affects my running speed (and maybe even Energy loss, if weight even affects that).

    I of course know I'm slowed greatly when I'm loaded down with granite and I'm barely moving. That's not what concerns me. It's when I only have few few items... say some bones, a couple of tools, and a weapon or two. I'd like to know if I'm affected at all... or barely affect... or greatly affect.

    I love Xsyon for the fact that's on the realistic side of gaming. So it's natural that you don't see the weight of individual items (or stacked items for that matter). And with that, there also will not be weight of the overall content of your backpack (basket, whatever).

    So to stay to the realistic nature of the game... I'm suggesting a gauge (or meter) that will appear when you test the weight of a backpack, basket, etc..

    First off, to justify the realism of this idea. Each person in real life has their own strength. They know when they attempt to pick up something, how heavy it is to them. Thus this gauge will be based off each individuals carrying ability.

    On to how this gauge (meter) will work.

    Before we jump to that... what this gauge will look like. It will be a Horizontal Bar (you can have a Vertical Bar, but for now let's just stick with Horizontal). The left end of the bar will represent no weight... and the other end will represent the most possible weight you can carry and still move. Along the bar you can have colors, say Green, Yellow, Orange, & Red. Of course Green at the begining, showing that your running speed will be very minimally affected by carry this basket (backpack). Yellow means you are decently affected. Orange would mean you are quite affected by carry the basket. Red means extremely affected.

    Now let's move on to testing something. Let's have an ability to test, let's call it "Test Carrying Ability". Highlight a basket (whether on the ground or on your back) and push the "Test Carrying Ability". The gauge (bar) will appear and a marker will move along the bar showing just how much of your ability to carry this item is being affected.

    Ok... now let's hope any of that makes sense. I'm not sure, and I'm getting off work, so I don't have time to re-read the post.

    What you guys think?

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    Just discovered the "Encumbrance" gauge. I dumb bros!!!

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