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    Trade around from Sugarpine (857)

    In the middle in the area, which we call “Suger Pine” stand a large black board. A lonely yellowed note hangs on it:
    We need all tools. Materials and so on. Let us trade!

    Im search:
    Containers, Screwdriver, Wrench, Awl and a Lasher. Aaand a Shovel (i have a Spade)
    I pay with services and goods/ other tools.
    Murchad, the lumberjack.

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    Hello Murchad,

    We are neighbors. My name is Mallets. I'm in a tribe in 856, an area called Homewood (tribe is called Oblivion's End if I'm correct, that's sad, don't know my tribe's name). We are along the lake and have two campfires together in the middle of our camp (if that helps signify us).

    I have around 50 tool recipes (been working hard at toolcrafting). I can make all the things you've listed.

    The only tool I can't make that seems really important are sheers. So I'd definitely trade a few tools for a sheer or two.

    I'm also in need of bones... with Black Bear bones being more valueable.

    Hope to catch you in-game. Me and a friend are about to come visit you and see if you are around your camp.

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    My tribe, Divided Allegiance, is in 857. If you ever need to trade anything, ask in general chat if anyone from Divided Allegiance wants to trade =)

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    Ya, I am the main toolcrafter for Divided Allegiance. I can make about 80 tools and everything you listed. Hit me up or the tribe.

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